• 05 Oct
    Indonesia – Tsunami

    Indonesia – Tsunami

    The extent of the damage has shocked and confused people in Indonesia and even perplexed the earthquake experts. Land cracked, shores washed away, mud protruded from the earth burying an entire village. There was no food, no clean water, no electricity, limited supply gasoline, scarce medicines with just an open-air hospital. People searched for family members and yet dead bodies needed to be buried. With earthquakes happening almost every day, there is an anticipation of even more significant earthquakes in the months ahead. Local Christians are seeking to understand God’s calling for such a time as this.

    Please continue to uphold the nation of Indonesia in prayer particularly the tsunami-affected area. Pray for brothers and sisters in Indonesia that they may respond promptly and appropriately in love and care at this time.

    By chriswatts Indonesia News
  • 13 Jan
    When opportunity knocks: 6 opportunities for missional businesses

    When opportunity knocks: 6 opportunities for missional businesses

    ‘Business’ and ‘mission’ are not words we often think of as going together, yet we have found running businesses is a great way to serve communities and build relationships which prepare the way for sharing Jesus with the peoples of East Asia.

    One area you may not think of as ‘missionary work’ is running a business in East Asia. However, God can and does use these ‘missional businesses’ for the advancement of his kingdom. We have many opportunities for you to use your business experience and skills in mission.

    Here is a video which introduces the idea of missional businesses, which is well worth a watch. But if you’re in a rush, scroll on and get to the opportunities!


    1. Exploring business as mission (short term).

    RS9857_LS09-0021-scrIf you’re interested in the idea of missional business – why not join us for a short term trip from just three weeks, up to 3 months, to explore things further? You would be based in a cosmopolitan provincial capital city in Indonesia which presents many business opportunities. During your time there, you would be able to:

    • Learn about the relevant regulations regarding foreigners in business.
    • Talk to local people about business options for various products or services.
    • Assess the potential of an enterprise for God’s kingdom.
    • Meet people with business experience to discuss the opportunities and challenges for missional business in the area.

    Of course, you will also get to experience the culture, meet local people and enjoy their wonderful hospitality. If this appeals to you, find out more here.

    2. Cheese factory manager, Mongolia.

    You’ve run a business back home, and over the years you’ve slowly absorbed best practices that help businesses run smoothly and thrive in a variety of settings. You learned to navigate the waters of writing proposals, creating business plans, registering a business, finding the right employees, setting up shop, and running your business day to day. These skills can also be used to help further God’s kingdom in MongRS14061_MN12-55-scrolia, a land with harsh winters, gorgeous summers, steppes, plains, deserts, mountains, forests, and towns that still have a Russian feel. The country has seen rapid development since the end of Communism there less than thirty years ago. The capital city of Ulannbaatar now has office towers, designer stores and several international schools, though rural areas are sparsely populated. The most spectacular growth has been in the Church. In 1990 there were only four known believers in the entire country. Today the Mongolian Church at least 40,000 people and has become an emerging mission-sending movement. Starting the country’s first export cheese company provides a great way to support local communities, build relationships and partner with the growing local church as you seek to share Jesus with your new contacts.

    Find out more.

    3.  Entrepreneur in the Mekong region.

    We’re looking for an entrepreneur to research, plan and start a missional business in the Mekong region. Relationships will be key to starting the business as you’ll need a local business partner to be able to register your enterprise. You would be working with an OMF team to research needs and opportunities among unreached people groups in the area.  Find out more.

    RS12859_CN12-0032-scrChina’s cities are growing at a record rate. They will be home to an estimated 1 billion people by 2030, many of whom will have come to these cities searching for a ‘better life’. Missional businesses are an excellent way to bear witness to Christ by being a fair, compassionate, honest employer to local staff, do business that facilitates ministry and provide a platform for others to work and serve as well. The specifics of the business opportunity would be discussed in more detail at a later stage – it could involve joining an existing business as a manager or perhaps starting a new venture. Find out more.

    5. Fisheries experts, Indonesia.

    Coastal areas in Indonesia face an uncertain future. Fish stocks are declining, habitats are being degraded, natural disasters are frequent and there are few opportunities for young people. Many of these villages are unreached, they have no witness to Jesus. Imagine believers being sent to those villages and serving them by forming cooperatives, establishing processing businesses, supporting aquaculture ventures, mobilising mangrove replanting efforts and, in all of this, pointing them towards the God who loves them. This is our dream RS9266_MM09-0447-scrand we’re asking God to send people with the experience and passion to make this happen.

    We need people with technical expertise in fish farming or fish processing. Businessmen and women who have a nose for turning a profit and helping coastal communities at the same time. We need academics who want to research mangroves, grouper farming or cold storage facilities and translate their findings into tangible benefits for local people. When the expertise and initiative that these folks bring is coupled with the passion of motivated gospel workers we have a potent combination for transformation. This is a pioneering work.

    We envisage that it will be national believers who live long-term in these rural communities and that those involved in training and supporting them will probably be based in urban centres. However, we also want to develop a centre of excellence for coastal livelihoods and this may well be located in a rural area and will need staffing. Find out more.

    6. Marketing graduate for livelihood project, Philippines.

    In the Philippines our multi-national team work with the urban poor, providing services such as training in healthcare, computers, as well as scholarships and other forms of training. We’re looking for someone to promote these services as well as helping team members in the development of business strategy, helping the programmes to operate effectively. The goal of all this is to demonstrate, as well as speak of, Christ’s love, preparing the way for an Indigenous Biblical Church Movement among them. Find out more.


    What now?

    We hope you’re inspired by these opportunities – click the links above to find out about any of the ones that interest you. Do log on to our Opportunities site to see the full list of our current opportunities and sign up for a MyOMF account so you can save your favourite opportunities. We would be delighted to journey with you in mission.

    If you haven’t already, take some time to watch our missional business video at the top of this article – it’s well worth 6 minutes of your time! You can also find out more about missional business, including stories from some of our businesses, on the relevant pages of our website.

    Perhaps the idea of going to Asia yourself doesn’t appeal, or you aren’t sure you’re the right person to start Mongolia’s first cheese factory! But you may know someone ideally suited for doing that, so please share this article with anyone you think may be interested.