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  • 05 Jun

    Director for Finance & Corporate Services

    As Director for Finance & Corporate Services, the post holder will have a passion to provide professional financial leadership within the organisation, ensuring the financial well-being of OMF International UK. The role also entails providing high quality corporate services to key stakeholders (internal and external), acting as Company Secretary and Data Controller, supporting the vision and mission of the organisation.

    We are seeking an engaging individual with excellent communication skills, with the ability to liaise with a wide range of stakeholders. The successful candidate will need to demonstrate strong financial leadership experience within the charity sector, and have a good understanding of GDPR. With oversight of the Finance, IT, Facilities Management and Office Services functions of the organisation, you will have line management of the relevant Department Managers, so experience of leading a team is essential.

    As a Director of the organisation, it is an occupational requirement for this post to be filled by a committed Christian.

    We would be open to discuss possibilities for salary combined with some personal support.

    Interview dates will be 22 or 23 July 2019.

    We request no contact from agencies or media sales.

    Contact details:

    If you are interested in knowing more, please contact Peter and Christine Rowan, OMF UK National Director, on (link sends e-mail) or phone 01732 887299

    Closing date: 5pm on Sunday 23rd June 2019

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  • 13 May
    Ep 10 | How Do You Know If You’re Called to Go?

    Ep 10 | How Do You Know If You’re Called to Go?

    Levi Booth returns to the podcast (listen to Episode 2 for his previous interview) to talk about his new book ‘Ultimate Grace’.

    In the episode, we talk about the importance of local church, the joy and sacrifice of mission, whether you have to wait for a ‘calling’, how your passions can be used as a bridge to share about your passion for Jesus, and more.

    Win a copy of the book

    We are giving away 3 signed copies of Levi’s book ‘Ultimate Grace’. To enter with your chance to win, simply share the podcast, and send us a screenshot as proof – whether you’ve shared it in an email, a text message, on your social media, or however else.

    Email your screenshot to: or send a direct message to us on Instagram @serveasiapodcast

    We can send the book to a UK address only.
    Terms and Conditions can be found here.

    Hear more from Levi

    Follow @gritgracejapan on Instagram

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  • 25 Apr
    Ep 9 | Our Muslims Neighbours and Ramadan

    Ep 9 | Our Muslims Neighbours and Ramadan

    Dr. G lived in an Muslim community in East Asia for 10 years. In this episode, Dr. G teaches us about the Islamic festival of Ramadan. We hear about what it looked like in his East Asian context, as well as what it’s like in the UK, and what opportunities there are for Christians to build relationships with their Muslim neighbours during Ramadan.

    Ramadan 2019 in United Kingdom will begin in the evening of Sunday, 5 May and ends in the evening of Tuesday, 4 June (dates may vary)


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    Instagram @serveasiapodcast

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  • 21 Mar
    Ep 8 | The ABC of Sharing Jesus

    Ep 8 | The ABC of Sharing Jesus

    Rob is a Marine Biologist who loves sharing Jesus, East Asia and… fish. How do these 3 passions come together?

    In this episode, we hear a first-hand account of someone who’s profession opened the opportunity to move with his family to the other side of the world, so that they could have the opportunity to share the hope of the gospel.

    Rob speaks about:

    • experiencing culture-shock
    • how God uses people of all different shapes, sizes & passions
    • a simple model for being ready to share Jesus, no matter where you are in the world

    and much more.

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  • 21 Jan
    Ep7 | Why the Gospel Is Bigger than You Might Think

    Ep7 | Why the Gospel Is Bigger than You Might Think

    Is the gospel just about fighting for social justice, or is it just about seeing individual souls saved? In this episode, Donna Jennings explains that an authentic gospel witness that is faithful to the scriptures doesn’t make a dichotomy out of these two things. We look at the common pitfalls and misunderstandings that Christians can have about the gospel, and what it can look like when a community of Jesus followers proclaims the gospel in all of its fullness.

    Donna’s Recommendations


    Personality Typing
    Enneagram test

    All Things New – National Conference
    Book onto the conference here

    Get in touch with your local OMF Representative

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  • 03 Jan
    Meet our Media Intern

    Meet our Media Intern

    Stephen joined us in September 2018 to do one of the OMF Internships, specifically the Media Internship. Here’s a little bit about him and why he joined us…

    Tell us about your background
    I was born in Chengdu, China, and have spent 14 years of my life there as a Third Culture Kid (TCK). I moved back to the UK in April to Bournemouth until moving over here to Kent in September. I’ve just finished secondary school this summer and I have a Foundation Diploma in Art, Design, and Media.

    What hobbies do you have?
    My biggest hobby right now is by far photography. It’s just about all I ever do in my free time. I have started taking an interest in filmmaking and it is something I am hoping to pursue more in the future. I’m also a big football fan and enjoy both watching and playing football. I enjoy playing in defence and my favourite football club is Southampton FC.

    Why did you apply for the Media Internship?
    I wanted to apply for a media internship because I hope to gain valuable work experience in media production and learn to work as part of a team before I go to university.

    What are you hoping to get out of this year?
    As well as gaining valuable work experience, I hope to broaden my skills in branches of media that I am not very familiar with, such as design and illustration. I hope that my experiences and familiarity with China and East Asia will be beneficial to the work I will be doing at OMF. As a young maturing Christian, I also want to work in an environment that can help strengthen my faith in Christ.

    What do you hope to do in the future?
    As for the future, I know that I want to do something behind a camera lens! What exactly that is, I’m not sure yet, but I know that ultimately I want to use it to serve God. I will most likely be going to Bournemouth University in September 2019 to study Film for three or four years, and then after that on to wherever God takes me on from there!

    If you are interested in the OMF Internships (or know of anyone who might be) then check out/pass on the Internship page for more information.

  • 25 Oct
    Ep6: “Solid, lasting missionary work”

    Ep6: “Solid, lasting missionary work”

    “Prayer does not equip us for greater works— prayer is the greater work.” – Oswald Chambers

    The final episode of our mini-series on ‘Technology’ is all about helping you to pray for the things that we’ve explored in the first five episodes.

    It opens with a story from over 100 years ago about how a humble prayer group in England contributed to Gospel advance in a people group in China.

    We hope that this mini-series has blessed you. The Serve Asia Podcast will continue in the new year with fresh content for your ears.

    Be sure to subscribe to get alerts when new episodes are released, and follow us on Instagram @serveasiapodcast

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    Organic Meditations Two Kevin MacLeod (

    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


    By Ryan Hunt Podcast
  • 18 Oct
    Ep5: How Instagram Changed Short-Term Mission and Representing Christ Online

    Ep5: How Instagram Changed Short-Term Mission and Representing Christ Online

    In this episode of The Serve Asia Podcast we interview Heather who works for OMF International in Digital Communications.

    We pick her brains about using social media in a way that is honouring of Christ, and how we have to remember that everyone behind a digital profile is an image-bearer of God.

    Heather reflects on the way in which Instagram has affected perception of short-term mission, and how important it is to keep short-term mission trips Christ-centered.

    For information about Nextgen 2018 and to book, visit:


    By Ryan Hunt Podcast
  • 11 Oct
    Ep4: Film and Evangelism

    Ep4: Film and Evangelism

    In Episode 4 of The Serve Asia Podcast, hosts Ryan and Cat sit down to talk about films, story structure, and the cross-cultural evangelistic opportunities that films give us.

    By Ryan Hunt Podcast
  • 05 Oct
    Indonesia – Tsunami

    Indonesia – Tsunami

    The extent of the damage has shocked and confused people in Indonesia and even perplexed the earthquake experts. Land cracked, shores washed away, mud protruded from the earth burying an entire village. There was no food, no clean water, no electricity, limited supply gasoline, scarce medicines with just an open-air hospital. People searched for family members and yet dead bodies needed to be buried. With earthquakes happening almost every day, there is an anticipation of even more significant earthquakes in the months ahead. Local Christians are seeking to understand God’s calling for such a time as this.

    Please continue to uphold the nation of Indonesia in prayer particularly the tsunami-affected area. Pray for brothers and sisters in Indonesia that they may respond promptly and appropriately in love and care at this time.

    By chriswatts Indonesia News
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