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  • 16 Oct

    Job Opportunity – Media Developer & Designer

    Full-time, Permanent Position, £25,000 pa, based in Borough Green, Kent.

    Are you passionate about media and world mission? Do you have an appetite for problem-solving and delivering creative and inspiring content?

    If you are an energetic creative person, keen to join an innovative Communications Team, then this may be the right role for you. The successful applicant will be able to design and develop media across multiple platforms to engage and equip the UK church for greater involvement in sharing the good news of Jesus with East Asians.

    Competency in a broad range of skills is required, including web and graphic design, video and audio production. We are looking for a good self-starter, able to initiate projects, coordinate others’ involvement and to lead and train our Media Interns effectively in their area of expertise.

    Please note that it is an occupational requirement for this post to be filled by a committed evangelical Christian.

    For more information about this opportunity, please read the Job Description & Person Specification.

    To apply, complete the Application Form and email it, along with a brief portfolio (digital or online) to Ashley Boudville at

    The deadline for applications is Friday 15th November 2019.

    Interviews of shortlisted applicants will be held on 2nd or 3rd December 2019.

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  • 08 Oct
    Heard Nathaniel on Premier Christian Radio?

    Heard Nathaniel on Premier Christian Radio?

    If you heard Nathaniel Ayling interviewed this afternoon on Premier Christian Radio here are some of the things he spoke about.

    OMF in Japan

    NextGen Event

    The Serve Asia Podcast

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  • 02 Oct

    Job Opportunity – Finance Officer

    Full-time (35 hours pw) | Permanent | £21,000pa | Based in Borough Green, Sevenoaks

    Do you enjoy keeping things organised? Are you a team player with a high level of attention to detail?
    If you would value the opportunity to support a charity’s finance team and to learn more about key financial processes then this could be the right job for you.

    OMF International UK are looking for a Finance Officer to take responsibility for a range of financial and administrative duties including accounts payable processing, reconciliations and payment runs, bank account processing and the completion of trust applications.

    The role requires relevant GCSE qualifications and strong administrative skills. Bookkeeping experience is desirable but not essential as the successful applicant will learn on the job under supervision.

    To find out more about the role please read the Job Description and Person Specification.

    To apply for this role, please complete the Application Form and email it to

    The deadline for applications is 31st October 2019.

    Interviews will be held at our office in Borough Green, Sevenoaks on 14th or 15th November.

    By Ashley Boudville Job
  • 21 Sep
    Snapshots from International Student Ministry in Sheffield

    Snapshots from International Student Ministry in Sheffield

    On Monday morning, 15 July, a team of British and international students fanned out across the city centre in Sheffield to distribute flyers to international students, inviting them to join our Welcome Week activities. We were hopeful, but no one anticipated the enthusiastic response we were to see that evening!
    By 7pm, 60 students had already arrived for the first event, World Food Night, in Egerton Hall. They filled every available seat, and we were feeling encouraged to see such a wonderful response. But then another 100 came in the door! Thinking fast, we directed them to cross the street to Christ Church Central, where they could wait in the main meeting hall for dinner to be served.

    A joyful but frantic scramble followed, as we carried tray after tray of food across the street, while still trying to serve the original 60 in Egerton Hall. By the end of the evening, our team had somehow managed to feed 180 students with a meal prepared for 50! (I don’t think miracles were involved, but I do still wonder—how did we do it?)
    We continued to experience record-breaking attendance at our evening events throughout the week. Eighteen students came to the evangelistic Bible study that I led on Thursday—and nearly all were opening the Bible for the first time!

    From the Many to the Few

    Now when a free meal is on offer, it is really not that hard to attract a crowd. And, as long as the free meals continue, the crowds keep coming back for more, as Jesus and the disciples discovered in John 6:24-34. But after the crowds have consumed all of the food that perishes, how many will remain for the food that endures to eternal life?
    As we can see at the end of John 6, not many! But the few students who do remain with us after Welcome Week are our greatest joy and the focus of our ministry throughout the rest of the year.
    On a typical Monday, our DIG Bible study (Discipling Internationals for Growth) meets at Egerton Hall at 5.30pm. We serve a home-cooked meal and lead our group of students in studying and discussing a passage of Scripture. Then, at 7.30pm, International Café begins, a social evening attended by about 40 to 60 students, many of whom have some interest in spiritual things. But they might still need some time to see what Christians are like before considering whether to take the next step of faith.
    We discovered recently that several DIG members from China are already practicing Christians. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these Christian students were to serve alongside us over the next few months as we share the “word of life” (Philippians 2:16) with other internationals? All around us, in Sheffield’s city centre, live thousands of international students who have not yet heard the good news.

    Working with East Asian students in Sheffield

    Please pray with us:

    1. Please pray that more Christians in Sheffield (and elsewhere!) will see that God has brought the world to us and get involved in reaching international students.
    2. Pray for OMF’s Diaspora Returnee Ministries (DRM) around the world– the north of England, central Europe, North America, Kenya, Japan. We want to see churches in East Asia grow because of the thousands of East Asians who are coming to faith while studying or working abroad!
    3. Pray also for our DRM workers. In most cases we have only one worker in a city, surrounded by thousands of East Asians. Pray that God will provide partnerships with local churches in each city so that they will not be isolated or unfruitful.

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  • 31 Jul
    Ep 11 | Poverty and the Hope of the Gospel

    Ep 11 | Poverty and the Hope of the Gospel

    Steve and his family are from the UK, but now live and work in a poverty-stricken city in East Asia. They are developing grass-root initiatives to help raise people out of these hard conditions, demonstrating the good news of the coming kingdom, and seeking opportunities to share how Jesus brings right relationship with God.

    Get in touch:
    Instagram @serveasiapodcast

    By Ryan Hunt Podcast
  • 18 Jul
    Letter addressing events related to a former OMF UK member

    Letter addressing events related to a former OMF UK member

    An Open Letter

    A former OMF member’s alleged misconduct in the 1990s and the early 2000s

    To whom it may concern:

    OMF International has recently received letters of complaints that, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, three women were inappropriately and forcefully touched by an OMF missionary who had worked extensively in Indonesia.

    OMF International deplores both, the behaviour alleged and that a missionary may have misused his ministry platform and the established trust with these women. This missionary’s alleged behaviour contravenes the standards and values expected of all our members.

    When the complaints were recently received by OMF International, the missionary had already stopped working with OMF for a number of years. OMF International UK has reported the allegations to the UK police, the UK Charity Commission, as well as the relevant Safeguarding Officer in the Church of England. It is not possible for OMF International UK to report to the local police, where the alleged incidents happened, as any report must be made by the victim directly in that jurisdiction. OMF is currently reaching out to the three women who came forward, to render any assistance needed.

    OMF is deeply sorry for any pain suffered by those affected by these allegations.

    OMF would like to convey our gratitude to those who have stepped forward and courageously raised their experiences with us. Our hope is that OMF’s acknowledgement of these allegations and the taking of appropriate action in relation to them will engender trust, and thereby encourage others who may have also been affected by this missionary’s behaviour to come forward. Persons affected are asked to write in to:

    Such conduct is absolutely unacceptable to OMF. OMF International is committed to holding those who cause harm or behave inappropriately to account for their actions, while supporting those affected.

    Yours sincerely in Christ,

    For OMF International,

    Sam Wunderli

    Assistant General Director

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  • 04 Jul
    10 Reasons Why You Should Do an OMF Internship

    10 Reasons Why You Should Do an OMF Internship

    There are hundreds of Christian internships to choose from, so why do one with OMF?

    We asked past and current interns and their colleagues in the National Office.

    Here’s what they came up with:

    You get to…

    1) Do more than make coffee and photocopies

    OMF interns get to do a whole lot more than making coffee! They make a real contribution to our UK office team, using their skills to work on a whole range of exciting projects, whether it’s developing the handbook for our short-term workers, helping process their applications or producing content for social media.
    (Though, if you want to learn how to make coffee to a barista standard, we can help with that too!)

    Hear from our intern who never made coffee.

    2) Use your skills to contribute to God’s mission

    One of the most exciting things about doing an OMF internship is that you get to use your skills in a wide range of projects and tasks that tangibly contribute to God’s mission.

    3) Be flexible

    We welcome applications from anyone 18 and over. And an OMF internship can be a great experience before or after uni.

    We offer two internships. Our mission intern works with our Serve Asia short-term mission department while our media intern works in the communications team.

    There are also a number of options depending on the time you have available. Our mission internship is for 11 months while our media internship can be taken part-time, for 3 to 6 months or for up to 11 months.

    4) Gain practical workplace experience

    This experience, either before or after a university or college course, can give you an edge over other students or applicants for future jobs. And aspects from the internships can tie up with courses as diverse as film studies, history, English language and human resources.

    Interns also get real-life experience of areas of media interest or human resources, so you can try them out and see if they’re for you. In fact, through their time with us some of our past interns have developed their skills and found their path to their ideal career.

    5) Meet real-life missionaries (and other cool people)

    Based at the OMF UK National Office in Kent, you’ll get to meet OMF workers back in the UK and hear their stories of faith, service and how God is at work. Interns also get to meet new missionaries preparing to go out to East Asia and hear how God has been at work in their lives. And the UK National Office team are a pretty cool bunch too.

    6) Grow in your discipleship

    An OMF Internship isn’t just about developing your professional skills, it’s also about your discipleship. We’re passionate about learning from and living out God’s word in our daily lives and in mission. So a key part of our internships is training that helps you to grow in your knowledge of God and of his heart for mission. This may include weekly training sessions through a local church as well as in-house training modules. In addition, we have daily prayer times and weekly Bible devotions in our office.

    7) Experience East Asia

    You don’t stay in the office for the whole internship: we want you to experience our workers’ ministry first-hand and to see God in East Asia. Your time in East Asia (usually a month ) takes place as part of our Serve Asia short-term mission programme, which makes sure you are appropriately prepared for, supported during and debriefed after your placement. We seek to ensure that your time in East Asia gives you the chance to be involved in the ministry or country that excites you most, best fits the gifts God has given you, and matches opportunities for meaning partnership with those in East Asia.

    8) Have fun!

    There are loads of great spiritual and professional reasons to do an OMF internship, but it’s also a lot of fun. From team building days involving escape rooms, duck herding (yes, really) to more serious spiritual retreats. And office activities like skipping at lunchtime (which is optional, of course)!

    9) Work inter-denominationally

    OMF is an inter-denominational organisation. This means that working with us you may get to hear new perspectives and meet people with different church backgrounds to your own, but also focus on how we unite together in God’s mission.

    10) Join an experienced team

    OMF has been involved in equipping and training people to get involved in God’s mission for over 150 years. We’ve been running these internships for several years and have loved seeing God develop the next generation of Christians using their professional skills for God’s glory. Could you be next?

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  • 13 May
    Ep 10 | How Do You Know If You’re Called to Go?

    Ep 10 | How Do You Know If You’re Called to Go?

    Levi Booth returns to the podcast (listen to Episode 2 for his previous interview) to talk about his new book ‘Ultimate Grace’.

    In the episode, we talk about the importance of local church, the joy and sacrifice of mission, whether you have to wait for a ‘calling’, how your passions can be used as a bridge to share about your passion for Jesus, and more.

    Win a copy of the book

    We are giving away 3 signed copies of Levi’s book ‘Ultimate Grace’. To enter with your chance to win, simply share the podcast, and send us a screenshot as proof – whether you’ve shared it in an email, a text message, on your social media, or however else.

    Email your screenshot to: or send a direct message to us on Instagram @serveasiapodcast

    We can send the book to a UK address only.
    Terms and Conditions can be found here.

    Hear more from Levi

    Follow @gritgracejapan on Instagram

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  • 25 Apr
    Ep 9 | Our Muslims Neighbours and Ramadan

    Ep 9 | Our Muslims Neighbours and Ramadan

    Dr. G lived in an Muslim community in East Asia for 10 years. In this episode, Dr. G teaches us about the Islamic festival of Ramadan. We hear about what it looked like in his East Asian context, as well as what it’s like in the UK, and what opportunities there are for Christians to build relationships with their Muslim neighbours during Ramadan.

    Ramadan 2019 in United Kingdom will begin in the evening of Sunday, 5 May and ends in the evening of Tuesday, 4 June (dates may vary)


    Get in touch:
    Instagram @serveasiapodcast

    By Ryan Hunt Podcast
  • 21 Mar
    Ep 8 | The ABC of Sharing Jesus

    Ep 8 | The ABC of Sharing Jesus

    Rob is a Marine Biologist who loves sharing Jesus, East Asia and… fish. How do these 3 passions come together?

    In this episode, we hear a first-hand account of someone who’s profession opened the opportunity to move with his family to the other side of the world, so that they could have the opportunity to share the hope of the gospel.

    Rob speaks about:

    • experiencing culture-shock
    • how God uses people of all different shapes, sizes & passions
    • a simple model for being ready to share Jesus, no matter where you are in the world

    and much more.

    Be sure to subscribe to get alerts when new episodes are released, and follow us on Instagram @serveasiapodcast

    Get in touch
    Direct message on Instagram @serveasiapodcast

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