As of 2016 in the Philippines 25.2% of the population still live below the national poverty line income figure, of 1.9 U.S. dollars per day. There is a daily, ongoing stream of migrating poor people from the provinces to the urban centres of population, especially to Manila, in search of a better life. Sadly, however, most then find themselves living in dangerous slum conditions, and the predicament of the Filipino urban poor, comprising close on 40 percent of the entire population of the country, is a lamentable reality. There is also a heart-breaking spiritual poverty, and the urban poor people of the Philippines are widely considered to be one of the people groups unreached by the Good News of Jesus Christ.

‘Bukang Liwayway’ / ‘Dawn for the Poor’ seeks to address both the physical and spiritual needs, by allowing the light of the Gospel to break into urban poor communities, and to see them being radically transformed, as the darkness and hopelessness are dispelled. One of the ways in which they seek to do this, is by operating a Student Sponsorship Programme, so that children can get an education, and have a brighter hope for the future – for the reality is, that many families in the slum areas, simply cannot afford to send their children to school. Would you be willing to educationally sponsor a Filipino urban poor child, through this programme? If so, you can get full details of how to go about it by downloading the PDF below.

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