The Unreached Zhuang’s Greatest Need

What do almost 20 million Zhuang people in the Mekong region need?
They need to know about Jesus.

Primarily located in Southwest China, the Zhuang are the largest of China’s ethnic minority groups. With a population of 20 million people and less than 1 per cent of them being Christians, it is hard not to sense their need for Jesus.

With so few Christians, most Zhuang people have very little chance of hearing about Jesus in their lifetime. So the reality for the Zhuang is eternally serious.

So what is the answer?

In Psalm 67:2 the Psalmist prays: ‘that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations.’ God’s heart is for all people (including the Zhuang) to know him and his saving power. It’s time for us to align our hearts with God’s and start working with him to see this happen.

Most of us cannot speak any of the 16 major Zhuang languages or one of the numerous sub-dialects within those language groups or go and live among them.

But, every one of us has time and can pray. Let’s use our time and our ability to pray and ask God to give Zhuang believers the courage to share the gospel with those who have not heard, and for other Mandarin-speaking believers to go and share the gospel with them too. Let’s pray, believing that the remaining Zhuang people will come to know God and his saving power soon.

To this end, includes information, prayer requests from local Christians and Bible texts in some of the Zhuang languages. We also share answers to prayer. Join us and be part of a work of eternal significance.

Written by OMF International

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