Recommended Resources from women in OMF

We asked some women in OMF to recommend their favourite Christian resources:


Leanne Dzubinski & Anneke Stasson, Women in the Mission of the Church: Their Opportunities and Obstacles Throughout Christian History

‘Women have been absolutely essential to the mission of the Church historically. And they continue to be essential to mission today. How can we find ways to include the stories of women so that women are not seen merely as token voices here or there but as co-workers in the kingdom of God?’
Marilyn Schlitt OMF Canada, Leadership development

Leanne M. Dzubinski, Playing by the Rules: how women lead in evangelical mission organisations 

‘So much of what she describes has been my experience and I have found it both comforting and painful to hear the realities of women in leadership in evangelical mission organisations.’
Irene McMahon, OMF Philippines Field Director

Shelley Trebesch, Made to Flourish: Beyond quick fixes to a thriving organisation

‘This was a refreshing and encouraging insight into how organisations can flourish, from a woman who has been at the heart of an evangelical mission agency.’
Irene McMahon, OMF Philippines Field Director

Mary Lederleitner, Women in God’s Mission: Accepting the Invitation to Serve and Lead 

‘I have never read a book which sums up the experience of being a woman in mission so exactly! I laughed and I cried, I understood the journeys of others and I appreciated the special insights her research. It is based on interviewing women across the globe and from this she describes a “faithful connected leader” as a healthy way women can serve and lead.’
Sarah Hoskins, OMF  International Director for Africa and Europe


Velvet Ashes Legacy Podcast

‘This podcast tells stories of women who have sacrificed much for the sake of the gospel. Episode 15 looks at women in leadership, so the hosts interview a single woman in leadership as well as a married woman who has been in shared leadership. I found it really helpful to hear both perspectives, not just on the topic of leadership as a woman but also about life on the field.’
Mel C OMF worker

Websites, blogs and social media

Centre for Creative Leadership

‘An organisation which conducts research on issues facing leaders in the 21st century and provides training and resources which are so insightful.’
Irene McMahon, OMF Philippines Field Director

Christian Working Woman blog

‘I’ve been following the Christian Working Woman blog for over a decade. CWW equip and encourage Christian women in the workplace. Daily devotionals and podcasts provide sound biblical teaching that is practical in everyday life and equips women from all walks of life. I would recommend it to anyone. It is packed with useful spiritual lessons and perceptions.’
Charlotte, working in East Asia

Jackie Hill Perry

@jackiehillperry Search on Instagram or Facebook.
‘Jackie Hill Perry describes herself as a disciple, wife, mommy, writer, teacher, poet and EMCEE. I love her Bible teaching, her thoughts on living for Jesus daily, her insights into life as a woman in the US with an international ministry. Her books are great too, as a poet she has a unique writing style and an uncompromising commitment to God’s word which transforms life.’ Sarah Hoskins International Director for Africa and Europe

Propel Women
Instagram, Facebook or X, formerly known as Twitter.

‘Propel Women is a signpost to a host of resources for women in ministry by women in ministry. Straplines like creating pipelines and pathways for women to fulfil their God-given passion and purpose and leadership potential are really significant. They speak to the place where most 30s–40s who grew up without representation of what that could look like, sound like and be like find ourselves: model-less. Women in mission is seldom articulated as such and I find this ministry communicates the realities of what it looks like and it has many cross-overs for women in mission in general so that the generations to come can step forward, or stand on the shoulders of the women who have gone before.’
Cassandra, OMF (UK) Serve Asia Coordinator

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