How can we use digital tools in evangelism?

Imagine a Japanese businessman working long hours, six days a week. During their lunch break, they open Facebook and begin scrolling. An advert pops up asking, ‘Do you have a broken relationship requiring forgiveness?’ The question makes them curious, so they click to anonymously connect with a Christian on a messaging app. This is the first contact they have ever had with a follower of Jesus.


In today’s digital world, there are opportunities to sow the seed of the gospel in far more places than we can physically reach. Harnessing social media to engage and connect spiritual seekers with local Christians can be a link in a chain leading to the gospel movements OMF exists to see formed among East Asia’s people. Movements where the good news of Jesus doesn’t stop with the person who hears and responds to the gospel, but they go on to share it among their own people group and beyond. Like in the scenario above, social media posts ask questions directed at a particular cultural demographic in their own language. There is an invitation to chat with trained local Christians online, leading to an opportunity to meet followers of Jesus in their area for discipleship in person.   While these posts are carefully targeted, sharing online can also reach people in unexpected ways. Andy Smith, the OMF International Coordinator for Evangelization, who has been encouraging OMF centres to explore online ministry, recalls how in the late 1990s a southern Californian church discovered many Japanese people were watching their sermons. ‘They began intentionally responding to comments, which saw a good number come to faith’, he says.


There are growing opportunities to share the gospel online. One evangelistic Facebook page that started in 2020 now has 8,000 followers and posts reached over one million people. OMF has several growing ministries in this area. Ray, an OMF worker who pioneered one of these ministries, has recently been appointed as Media for Mission consultant to help grow and coordinate our work in this area. While Media for Movements are mainly locally led, we are keen to hear from anyone with social media experience who can help support this work from home.

Scott Brown OMF Australia
Communications Team Leader

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Written by Scott Brown

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