Getting started praying for China

Join us in praying for China and its people for five-minutes-a-day, for five days.

Day 1- The Marginalised

Many people in urban China have issues that result in them being marginalised by mainstream society. Society often shuns them, yet the Lord who made them loves them. Pray that those who are struggling and feel unloved will know that they are treasured by God and that they may know him.

Day 2 – The Hui

Over 10 million Hui live across China. The largest of the Silk Road People’s they are traditionally followers of Islam and renowned for their delicious hand-pulled noodles. Pray for Christians to have opportunities to bless the Hui and for them to discover more about the love of Jesus.

Day 3 – Tibetan Skylands People

In most areas of the Skylands (the high plateaus of China, Mongolia, and Bhutan), there are very few Christians. The vast majority of Skylands peoples live in areas that are extremely difficult for outsiders to reach and adapt to linguistically and culturally. Pray for ingenuity and boldness among believers to overcome these challenges.

Day 4 – The Zhuang

Hidden among the mountains of south-west China are countless villages of Zhuang people who have never heard of Jesus. Many worship spirits believed to live in nature and their ancestors. Less than 0.25% of the 20 million Zhuang believe in Christ. Pray for Christians willing to proclaim the good news of Jesus among the Zhuang.

Day 5 – People with Disabilities

People with mental and physical disabilities are often ignored. Many live in poverty and without hope. However, in 2012 the government encouraged religious organisations to find ways to help people with disabilities. Pray for Christians to lead the way in serving these people and for society to see Christian love in action.

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Learn more and continue praying for
China with our free prayer guides. Our 5x5x5 guides are designed to
guide you through 5 days of praying for 5 minutes about 5 different topics.


Written by OMF International

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