A week of prayer for church planters

Prayer is a vital way to support church planting. Use these prompts to guide your prayers for church planters around the world:

Sunday – Gathering together

As churches gather, may disciples find encouragement, love, and strength to live for Jesus this week. May believers’ love for one another be a testimony to the gospel (John 13:35). Pray for new churches in new cultures to retain that culture’s God-given beauty and creativity in their worship and church life.

Monday – Sharing the gospel

Pray for wisdom for local Christians and cross-cultural workers building relationships and working out how best to share and demonstrate the gospel in new places. Ask for the Holy Spirit’s enabling and direction and for the Father to draw people to Christ (John 6:44).

Tuesday – Discipleship

Coming to faith in Christ is just the start of the journey. Pray for wise teachers who can help new disciples learn to obey everything Jesus has commanded (Matthew 28:20). Ask for discernment for leaders to guide new churches into maturity without falling into the trap of legalism.

Wednesday – Raising leaders

Ask God to raise up people who know the gospel, model godly living and can take on leading new churches in the future. Pray for leaders who ‘hold firmly to the trustworthy message as it has been taught’ (Titus 1:9).

Thursday – Collaboration

Pray for churches and individual gospel workers as they serve together to plant more churches. Ask the Lord to grow and protect these relationships for the extension of his kingdom. Pray for grace to work through difficulties, bear with one another in love and mutual humility to find the best ways to serve together.

Friday – Multiplication

May churches plant more churches. Pray for leaders to have eyes to see the people and places the church isn’t reaching and find ways to serve them. Ask the Lord to break down walls that keep Christians from sharing his love with people who are different from them.

Saturday – Perseverance

Praise God that the results of church planters’ work are in his hands (1 Corinthians 3:6). Ask him to make the gospel seeds they have planted and watered grow and encourage workers struggling with seeing a lack of fruit with this truth today.

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