Luke & Alison with Banya, Anna and Mae Blacker

How long have you served with OMF?
We arrived in Thailand in March 2020 just before the Thai borders shut.

What is your current ministry?
We have been involved in two Thai Christian initiatives in Manorom, in Central Thailand. We have been helping at Manorom International Christian School and at a community project for children and young adults with disabilities.

Along with learning Thai and homeschooling our son, we have enjoyed learning about the history of OMF Thailand in Manorom, and being part of one of the churches that was born out of OMF’s leprosy ministry in Central Thailand.

Can you share some highlights?
We hosted two Serve Asia short-term workers and a couple on a vision trip. It was a privilege to see how God was working in their lives and encourage them as they consider serving God long-term in Thailand.

What are you most looking forward to about being back in the UK?
We are looking forward to spending time with friends and family, eating all the foods we have missed and going for walks. Our son is excited to go on the bus and our eldest daughter is excited to experience autumn and is hoping we get some snow while we are back!

What have you learnt from East Asians recently?
We have seen first-hand how Thai people are willing and quick to help. After stopping for fuel on our way back home, our car wouldn’t start. Before we even realised what was happening, we were pushed to the side of the forecourt, our engine was jump started by one of the petrol station workers, and we were on our way. We have many more examples of receiving help from Thai people and we feel challenged to be quick and willing to respond too.

What can we pray for your future?
We are hoping to move to the outskirts of Bangkok when we return to Thailand, please be praying for us as reflect on the previous term and all that God has done, and for God to be preparing us for returning to a new place and new ministry focus. Pray that this home assignment will be a good time of rest and reconnection, and pray for the three children and their year in the UK.

Levi and Mayu 3-square

Levi Booth

How long have you served with OMF?
In total a bit over nine years. Two in Sapporo, two in Yokohama, one back in the UK, and I’ve just finished four years in Tokyo.

What is your current ministry?
My focus has been helping churches to make disciples through sports. That has involved working with a team of Japanese pastors, sporty Japanese believers, and missionaries to build a network across Japan, creating resources, running training, and organising conferences and outreach events (mostly frisbee-based!).

Can you share some highlights?
Getting married to Mayu was pretty good. And it’s been great doing ministry together as a couple, seeing God work through us – our strengths and weaknesses! – to bring people to meet with Christ.

What’s the most unexpected thing you have seen?
Well, I definitely didn’t expect to get married! 

What have you learnt from East Asians recently?
A willingness to share in the hardships of those you’re serving. After building up friendships with Japanese Christians, I’ve had honest conversations about how they view missionaries. One topic that comes up often is people being told they should rest more. But, as one pastor told me, ‘The businessmen in my church can’t take a month off in the summer to relax in a cool mountainside cabin, so why should I get to? I endure the Tokyo summer along with my church members.’

How can we pray for your future?
I will be leaving OMF as Mayu and I have decided to not apply for her to join, although we plan to return to Japan and to partner with the OMF Japan team as we can. This means we have a lot of unknowns ahead of us as we return to Japan. Please pray for God’s guidance, protection, provision, and grace on us every step of the way.

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