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Here you will find Hugh Palmer’s Bible teaching from All Things New, the OMF UK National Conference 2019.

“These three bible readings will give us an opportunity to taste something of the earthy realism of the Bible about the future as well as the present.
They will begin to set, or re-set, our expectations for now as well as then. For the Bible locks the disciple into a way of living now shot through with the realities of then.
It broadens so many of our horizons, explains why we will be out of step with so many now, but also why our experiences cannot yet match future realities.
All the time it builds a confidence in the God who makes all things new that encourages us to persevere until the Day of the Lord comes.” – Hugh Palmer

1. Living now for then!

(2 Peter 3:8-18)

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2. Groaning now but then…

(Romans 8:18-25)

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3. Confident now for then.

(Revelation 21:1-8)

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