Ideas for prayer

July 3, 2014

Ideas for prayer

Listening Prayer Time

This method of praying works well with a group of 5 or more and is an exciting alternative to normal consecutive praying in groups for a country or people group.

1. Spend time just worshipping and praising God (not making any petitions yet) and giving any distractions or worries or unconfessed sins to God. This gets everyone focussed on God, which is essential for the listening part next. This can be as simple as putting on a worship CD and singing or praying along to it . Do not be tempted to leave this part out.

2. The leader lays out some large pieces of paper with three sections defining three areas of listening concerning the country or people group. 1. Any Bible verses that relate to that country. 2. Any ideas or things to pray for that come to mind and 3. Specific words for that country e.g. “This country will become a great missionary sending nation”. Leaving the CD playing in the background, everyone spends 15-20 minutes asking God for insights in these three areas and writes them down with thick board pens under the three different sections. After this period of listening everyone reads what has been written and usually some key patterns will emerge and a picture that has begun to build of how to pray for that country.

3. The leader then invites people to go to one of the 3 sections and then pray for the things written down either consecutively or all at once, still with worship in the background for say 10 minutes. People then change section and continue to pray or add new things, until the leader brings the meeting to an end.

The principles behind this method are that worship and prayer are inseparable. One naturally flows out of the other. Also that we often don’t know what to pray for. Hence it’s better to simply ask God what is on His heart, something all believers are called to do (John 10:3). Often something will pop in our head as we are listening, that is really relevant. When we know we have heard from God we can pray with faith that this prayer will be answered. This method also involves people a lot more in the prayer process and for shy people to just pray quietly if they want. The paper can be kept for the next prayer meeting to then build on what people wrote before, as God leads.

P.S. Homebase do some great rolled up blank paper in the wallpaper department that can be used for people to write on.

Prayer Spidergrams

These proved immensely popular when we put them on our Facebook page so here they are for you to print out. You can print either the whole set, or just pick a country.

Prayer Spidergrams

Here is an example:

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 10.14.20

Praying for Encouragement


Encourage your Mission partners by praying for them, and telling them what you prayed for them.

“We ought always to thank God for you, brothers, and rightly so, because your faith is growing more and more” 1 Thessalonians 1:3

You’ll Need

  • Post-it notes & Pens
  • Country map (ask for a free one)
  • Large Envelope
  • Stamps
  • Prayer material ( Magazines – Prayer Guides – Free literature)
  • Optional: Coffee (and cakes)


Here’s a snippet of a prayer time that happened in Ireland recently:

“So ….today we met at 11am. Coffee on arrival and an opportunity to see some video clips. Then we separated to go where ever we felt comfortable to pray privately. The Billions magazine was available, as was the Thai Tempo, the latest prayer letter from the OMF workers, Bibles, post-its and pens. We suggested that we could write a word of encouragement or prayer for our workers, whatever we felt God was saying. The post-its were then placed on the map of Thailand. They have since been posted to Thailand …hopefully our workers there will be encouraged.”

An Active Prayer Time

An active prayer time to pray for different missionary needs.

Download the PDF documents for details on how to run the prayer time.

Active Prayer PDF – Download the PDF documents for details on how to run the prayer time.

Picture for Prayer Time PDF – Pictures for the active prayer time.


Small groups of 14 -18 year olds.


To pray for the different needs that missionaries may have when preparing for mission or working on the mission field.


Create five stations for each of the five categories of prayer and split the group into smaller groups of two or three people; then get the groups to go round to each station and spend some time praying at each one. If you can’t find an object, use one of the pictures from the PDF download.

Resources you will need:

  1. Money: monopoly money/foreign money
  2. Medical health: first aid kit
  3. Culture: chopsticks/Asian book or writing
  4. Family: photos/dolls
  5. Houses/possessions/pets: monopoly houses/toy cars/soft toy animals

Seven Ways to Pray for Your Missionaries

Here you will find a great guide to helping you pray for your missionaries, written by Bill Wilson.

Seven Ways to Pray for your Missionaries PDF