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What do we do?

We serve the church and seek to bring the gospel to all the peoples of East Asia. Our work is as diverse as the places and people we work in and amongst. From church planting to missional business, student work to medical practice, we aim to present the gospel, in a culturally relevant way, through word and deed.

Join us in praying for OMF’s work, going to Asia, supporting OMF workers or presenting OMF’s work.

Online Events

Inspiring Youth

Want to see the young people in your church grow in their love and passion for Jesus? We believe joining in what God is doing around the world is one of the most exciting things anyone can do. Come and hear from a variety of experienced mission agency youth workers share about activities, resources and books that you can use to engage your young people with global mission.

OMF Ireland Morning of Prayer for East Asia

Join us to hear live from Christians living and witnessing in East Asia, and to respond in prayer, asking God to continue to draw East Asians to himself.

NextGen East: Rising Sun

Japanese need Jesus – perhaps more than any other people on Earth. Find out why. Join us for a morning of mentoring, prayer and passion.

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Latest Episode

Ep. 27 | Discover: Taiwan – Family, Spirituality, and Festivals

From its wonderful scenery and food, to its deep sense of community, and the people’s strong cultural identity, Thailand is full of interesting stories! But how can we start to share God’s love with Thai Buddhists? And what might we be able to learn from the Thai church?

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