Rice, Noodles, Bread or Chapati ?  

作者:Polly C. Ho



出版社:Third Culture Kids Care Fellowship 2 Cluny Road, Singapore 259570



Dr Sang-Bok David Kim 

Chairman, Asian Evangelical Alliance
The good care of his family is one of the most important ministries of a missionary (1 Tim 5:8). The MKs of Asian missionaries  have been unwittingly neglected, because many of us Asians felt that we should sacrifice ourselves and our family for the Lord and our ministry. Now after so many years of neglect, an Asian MK book is finally published, which provides the studies of Asian MKs and their personal experiences. It is much overdue and a big welcome, a start for a more careful study of this needy issue in the future. This book will also provide helpful materials for Asian MKs, their parents, churches, and the mission agencies.


Ruth E. Van Reken 

Co-author, Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds (revised) 
A ground-breaking book indeed! Through poignant personal stories, we see the growing culture complexity many children face in sorting out personal and culture identity in today’s globalizing world. And we also see hope for the strength that can come in the end. Don’t miss it! 


Rev. Dr Bertil Ekstrom

Excutive Director, WEA Mission Commission   
 As an MK from Sweden who was raised in Brazil, it is not difficult to identify myself  with the stories of the Asian MKs. Mission leaders, pastors of sending churches, missionary parents, and all involved in cross-culture missions should carefully listen to the experiences and recommendations of those who had the privilege and the challenge of being kids in a missionary famiily.   


Dr James Plueddemann

Professor of Intercultural studies, Trinity Evandelical Divinity School
What amazing potential is held in the lives of those MKs who have learned healthy ways to straddle multiple cultures! This book is a strategic resource for addressing the unique issue faced by Asian MKs in bringing together their various worlds. The stories and wisdom explored here will help MKs to be blessed, not damage, by their cross-cultural experience. They will be glad their parents answered God’s call, and they will be open to that same Kingdom call on their own lives.   


Dr Patrick Fung

General Director, OMF International
This book  is nit only a book about MKs or by MKs, but also a book by those who love MKs, and who see them as God’s unique gift to the Christian  community. As one retired missionary docor often reminds me, “MKs are not attachments.” Indeed, MKs are an exceptional gift to the world. May you be encouraged and inspired by this book.


Dr Paul Bendor-Samuel

International Director, Interserve
Having grown up in Brazil and West Africa, I can testify to the privilege of being a TCK and also the importance of having people around you who understand the particular challenges this lifestyle brings. Praise God that He is raising up men and women able to give eloquent voice to the joys and struggles of being an Asian MK. May God use this book to grow stronger families and churches for full participation in His mission to the praise of His Name.


Pastor Alvin Tan

Mission pastor, Bartley Christian Church, Singapore
This is a good book that advocates for MK care, particularly in the Asian context. I appreciate the openness, sincerity and honesty of the NKs in sharing their joys and struggles, especially upon re-entry their home countries. As we become more aware of the issue and challenges faced by these MKs, it is hoped that Church, mission agencies, prayer supporters and personnel involved in member and MK care will be in a better standing of how to support the missionary families and their children.





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