The Shaping of Modern China: Hudson Taylor’s Life and Legacy 1 (Early-1867) & 2 (1868-1990)

編著:A. J. Broomhall


出版社:OMF International / Piquant Editions Ltd, United Kingdom

頁數: Volume I (860 pages)/ Volume II (867 pages)

尺寸: 17 cm x 24.7 cm x 4.6 cm (L x W x D)


“If I had a thousand lives, China should have them.”

James Hudson Taylor, usually known as Hudson Taylor, was if measured by the movement which he called into being, one of the greatest missionaries of all time, and was certainly, judged by the results of his efforts, one of the four or five most influential foreigners who came to China in the nineteenth century for any purpose, religious or secular.

————Kenneth S. Latourett, All History of Christian Missions in China


China is poised to play a definitive role in the third millennium.  This comprehensive history traces the roots for China’s key international position today in the nineteenth century, looking at the parallel influences of Chinese and Western secular history, trade and diplomacy, including the Opium Wars, as well as the effects of Bible translation and the dissemination of the Scriptures in Chinese under the auspices of the United Bible Societies.  Catholic and Protestant missions too played a significant role, and the author focuses particularly on the legacy of the men and women around the central figure of Hudson Taylor who faced the challenge of the evangelization of China with such daring and devotion.

Dr. A. J. Broomhall (1911-1994), himself a great-nephew of Hudson Taylor, worked with OMF as a missionary doctor in southwest China and the Philippines.  The Shaping of Modern China re-issues his magisterial 7 volume history, which expands the material available in other existing biographies with a wealth of extracts from letters and articles by Hudson Taylor and other previously unused first-hand documents.






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