業務分析師 Business Analyst

公司:Crosswired Khalibre 軟體顧問公司(由宣教士創立,以營商宣教模式經營,員工皆是當地人)

  • Assisting the Business Visionary in the formulation and promotion of the business vision, as appropriate
  • Modelling the organisation’s current and future state in the area of the solution and identifying opportunities, risks and impacts
  • Working with the Business Visionary and the Solution Development Team to formulate and communicate solution options
  • Working with the project-level roles in formulating the Business Case and organising Benefits Assessments
  • Supporting and facilitating unambiguous and timely communication between business and technical participants in the project
  • Ensuring the requirements defined are of good quality and are analysed and managed appropriately
  • Managing development, distribution and baseline approval of all communication related to business requirements and their interpretation, with particular focus on ensuring the prioritised requirements list is kept up to date, as the detail expands and evolves
  • Ensuring that the business and organisational implications of day-to-day evolution of the solution are properly modelled and thought through
  • Ensuring the impact of business decisions is reviewed in the context of the project
  • Ensuring the business and technical components of the solution collectively provide a cohesive whole for the business
  • Ensuring the non-functional requirements are achievable and subsequently met
  • Taking responsibility for tracking business requirements through to business acceptance
  • Liaising with the Business Visionary in organising support for the solution through implementation into live use


  • Strong Experience in enterprise application delivery
  • Experience in digital marketing and social network solutions
  • Experience with Agile methodology, writing user stories, managing scrum calls, prioritizing backlog, etc. Khalibre uses Agile DSDM methoodology (https://www.agilebusiness.org/page/whatisdsdm)
  • 七年以上的工作相關經歷
  • 有彈性,對於適應跨文化生活與事奉很關鍵

生活環境:  能夠接受簡樸生活環境



日期:  6週~1年以內(超過一年以上要申請中長宣)
公司:  Crosswired Khalibre 軟體顧問公司(由宣教士創立,以營商宣教模式經營,員工皆是當地人)

  • 願意擔任Kmer軟體工程師團隊的領袖,並提升他們的技能
  • Consult on solution architecture for Crosswired applications.
  • Help establish a robust and resilient platform for multiple mission agencies.
  • Provide technical leadership and guidance in the installation, configuration, and implementation of Liferay’s Java-based technologies within a Business As Mission environment.


  • 至少五年的工作經驗
  • 有宣教心志且成熟的基督徒
  • 能夠牧養當地的軟體工程師(大多不認識主)
  • 能夠保持彈性
  • 能以英文教授其他軟體工程師專業知識
  • Experience in writing enterprise strength Java / J2EE code
  • Advanced understanding and experience in Java and OO design
  • Expert knowledge of databases (MySQL)
  • Experience with JBOSS AS, or Tomcat
  • Solid knowledge of Windows and Linux OS, Servlets/JSP, Spring and Hibernate, application performance and performance tuning
  • Demonstrates expert analytical and problem-solving skills coupled with very strong motivation to identify and resolve customer issues
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, both written and verbal
  • Strong escalation handling skills; able to facilitate discussion to peacefully resolve conflict
  • Familiarity with agile software development lifecycle
  • Detailed-oriented
  • Experience in human resource and finance solutions not necessary but helpful.

薪資: 與Khalibre公司面議,會低於一般業界
居住環境: 能夠接受簡樸生活環境


Software Testing Lead

日期:  6週~1年(超過1年以上,請申請中長宣)
公司:  Crosswired Khalibre 軟體顧問公司(由宣教士創立,以營商宣教模式經營,員工皆是當地人)

  • Lead the software testing team with a proactive and organized approach to improving quality.
  • Report to the Crosswired leadership team and work directly with Crosswired product owner and scrum master.
  • Build a culture of quality with developers and analysts.
  • Build indigenous capability and increase capacity.


  • 能以英文教授其他軟體工程師專業知識
  • Many years of experience working in the software industry or multinational technology team application delivery
  • Strong background in software testing and quality assurance
  • Enjoys breaking software and working with people to improve the quality
  • Working knowledge of automated testing such as Selenium and test management suites such as Testuff
  • Able to escalate issues effectively
  • Familiarity with agile software development life-cycle
  • Detailed-oriented
  • Experience in human resource and finance solutions not necessary but helpful.

薪資:  與Khalibre公司面議,會低於一般業界
生活環境:  能夠接受簡樸生活環境

UX Designer

日期:  6週~1年(超過1年以上,請申請中長宣)
公司:  Crosswired Khalibre 軟體顧問公司(由宣教士創立,以營商宣教模式經營,員工皆是當地人)


  • Design and build a beautiful UX for Crosswired
  • Consult on UX Design for Crosswired applications
  • Define UX design standards and move forward the Liferay based platform
  • Desire to build and further train a team of UX design and front-end developers.
  • Plan and organize UX design and support development sprints.
  • Build Community, create Opportunity, ensure Dignity whilst ensuring excellent solutions and service.


  • Strong Experience in enterprise UX Design for complex applications
  • Experience in digital marketing and social network solutions
  • Prior experience in content strategy, visual and interaction design and UX research.
  • Prior experience in building a UX team either locally or with remote workers.
  • Experienced in agile software development lifecycle
  • 有宏觀的理解能力,膽大心細執行能力
  • 能夠支持analysts, solution architects, and dev team leaders
  • 至少有七年以上的工作經歷
  • 願意過簡樸的生活

薪資: 與Khalibre公司面議,會低於一般業界




日期: 6-11個月

  • 為福音能在在大學與高中開展禱告
  • 透過sonoko校園事工與學生在校園聚、家中、工作場合為他們禱告、門訓並鼓勵他們持守基督信仰
  • 支援學生團契設計查經、福音外展活動與訓練課程
  • 拜訪地方教會,鼓勵學生,與他們的牧師與領袖溝通了解學生們的靈命狀況,並協助他們發展潛能
  • 如果神允許,可以探訪學生父母


  • 成熟委身的基督徒
  • 能夠且願意與人分享福音、門訓
  • 通過OMF孩童服事檢測
  • 英文流利,能與國際團隊參與討論設計教案與活動內容
  • 有團隊的精神與僕人心志
  • 有服事學生事工的經驗尤家
  • 曾有跨文化事奉的經驗尤佳
  • 能夠接受簡樸的生活
  • 願意以自己的才能(例如:音樂、運動、英文會話)服事學生

費用: 不給薪,需自籌

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