Hudson Taylor and the Great Impossible

作者 Author:Jojie Wong

插畫家 Illustrator:Jether Amar

頁數: 33頁

出版日期 Year of Publish:2015

出版社 Publisher:OMF Literature Inc. for Hiyas

國際書號:ISBN 978-971-009-437-0

Is there a place that you want to visit but it seems too far away? Is there something you want to try but maybe it’s too difficult?

As a young boy, Hudson Taylor already knew what he wanted to do when he grew up: He wanted to go to China and tell the millions of Chinese people about Jesus Christ. But living in England dack in the days when traveling abrouad was dangerous and communicating was difficult, it wasn’t going to be easy. Hudson’s dream semmed like a great impossible, but was it?