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To Meet Students Where They Are

When was the last time you took a lecture, a course, or joined a club at university? For Shirley, this feels like ancient history. It has almost been ten years since she last studied at university. What are students like these days? What are their interests; their concerns? How could students come to know and receive the gospel? What will speak into their hearts?

There are four universities and colleges in Hirosaki, Aomori. And where there are universities there are students. And what better way to meet them than to be at the place they spend most of their student life—the campus. Through a connection with a university professor, Shirley has been granted permission to audit a class on Christian Literature and join the university’s handbell group. Even though it feels a bit uncomfortable to her to become like a student again, it is nonetheless a valuable opportunity to meet students where they are.

Shirley hopes to establish a good rapport with the students in both the class and the handbell group. Pray that God will take away the concerns she has regarding cultural and generational differences. May God use her consistent presence at the university as a way in for young people to develop a curiosity for the gospel. Pray that God will have mercy and give lasting hope to these young people.


Will you pray for Japan?

  • Pray that God will help missionaries make good connections with their local community.
  • Pray that young people in Japan will have the chance to hear the gospel and find lasting hope and peace.
  • Pray for more missionaries like Shirley who are willing to step out of their comfort zone to reach Japanese people.


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