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Sitting in a Tennesse Starbucks, a Thai girl called Tina was asked why she was wearing a Buddhist amulet around her neck. For the first time in her life, she looked inside herself for a reason and realized that she did not have one. The question came from a young woman who had just moved to town the week before. This woman proceeded to share a little of what she believed and told Tina a story from the Bible.

From that day on, Tina wanted to know more but did not know who to ask or where to look.  Halloween 2014 gave her an opportunity when a foreigner, who she never met again, gave her a Thai-English Bible. But she found that on her own the stories were too hard to understand (in English or Thai).

Her next opportunity came in April 2015 when a team from Waterloo Hill Church in Hong Kong ran an English camp at the Mahasarakham University’s Faculty of Pharmacy. With the blessing of the faculty’s Buddhist dean, they were able to include Christian songs and an Easter presentation into their program alongside games, language activities and skits. Tina had a blast.

After the programme ended, the co-ordinating teacher invited the team to coffee with a few students.  Tina was there.  That night, we also went out to dinner as a group with a few students. Once again, Tina joined. As the dinner came to a close, she began asking one of the team members why Christians prayed.  The coordinating teacher then asked Tina to share her story from Starbucks. And thus began over four hours of questions.

Tina is still considering all the information she has received. She is reading a simpler version of Jesus’ life the team was able to give her.  And in her heart she is weighing the claims of Christ against all she has been taught from childhood.

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