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Three Japanese men share their salvation stories

“Twenty-five years ago, I started to connect with the church, because, at that time my wife became a Christian and was attending church. I attended the Sunday service or other activities irregularly, but I was not sure if I would like to become a Christian. However, recently, I have the conviction that the Lord is a real God as I experienced how the Lord healed when our church was praying for the father of a church member. So, I decided to take the baptism preparation class because I wanted to know more about the Bible, and I became a Christian.” (A 70-year-old man.)

“When I met my wife, she was a Christian, she kept sharing the Bible with me even before we started to date. Then she invited me to read the Bible together with her and we read the Bible together on a regular basis for almost 10 years. Later, I knew that a lot of people were praying for my salvation. Honestly, I always did not understand what the Bible means. But over time I think the Lord opened my heart and I started to learn the Bible with a pastor, and then I was baptised. Although I am still not confident I understand the Bible well, I am sure the Lord is a real God. I would like to share the Bible with more people and let them also have a chance to hear more Christians’ testimonies.” (A man in his 40s.)

“When I got into university, one of the seniors invited me to a Bible study group and I started to study the Bible together with a few Christian and non-Christian students. I like singing, so I also joined the choir in my university, the hymns and praises that we sang always touched my heart. Actually, when I was very young I went to a Christian kindergarten, so I heard about Jesus’ stories and the Bible there. But after studying the Bible at university, I started to go to a church and after attending for a year, I decided to join a baptism preparation class to know more about the Bible and the church. In the class, I decided to become a Christian.” (A new graduate.)

By Edwin, an OMF missionary

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