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Theary & Sina

Theary, the wife of pastor Soka, became a Christan through her relatves at Jesus Village Church. She and her husband Soka serve the Lord at Chba Ompou Church . Before she married, Theary worked as a supervisor at a factory. After marriage, Soka and Theary use their gifts doing evangelism and helping ministries in different villages. Theary is a good cook and excellent tailor. She loves children and stands firm as she serves the Lord with her husband. Last year, her leg was injured badly with a long, deep laceraton in an accident riding a motobike. It happened while we were coming back from outreaches together. Thankfully, after treatment she healed well and has recently has been able to walk normally again.

Sina is the wife of pastor Silong and they currently serve the Lord at Prek Pnew Church. Sina started attending church when she was in third grade. For many years, she has been interested in hearing Bible stories and following Jesus. Silong became a Christan after his wife Sina. They met at church and married three years ago. They have a lovely daughter named Sarah.

Last year, Sina went through a difficult time. As she was coming back from work riding her motorbike,a thief tried to snatch her bag. This caused her to fall from her bike and sustain serious injury, losing 11 of her teeth. Theary and Sina’s accidents happened around the same time, but at different places. The two pastors, their families, and church members were shocked and prayed for Thearys and Sina’s quick recovery. Our gracious God provided for their needs. Many church members and missionaries encouraged them as well. Although the treatment was long and painful, Theary and Sina never complained and stll serve the Lord with a joyful spirit.

This month, Jesus Village Church and daughter churches will celebrate their 20th anniversary. Looking back, through every moment God has never stopped working. God has been calling His disciples from many locations and is still building His church in Cambodia. From time to time, we have experienced spiritual battles like Theary and Sina’s. However, our Loving Shepherd leads and guides us. Therefore, JVC and it’s daughter church members give only thanks and glory to God! We are weak, but He is able. He will lead us in the future too. “Have Faith in God.” by Bedros and Sun Ah Kong

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