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The power of peer-to-peer contact

It was my first time to see almost forty young people in Japan attend an evangelical party. I think this is the power of peer-to-peer contact.

I am serving at a church that is quite near four universities. In January of 2024, 12 Korean university students came to Ebetsu City in Hokkaido for a short-term mission trip through Cru. They went to Nakuno University to reach students almost every day during their 13-day journey. Most of them could not speak in Japanese or English. However, they reached out to the students with “Hi” in Japanese and translation apps.

It was an impressive party after the Covid-19 pandemic. The Korean students not only took the responsibility for cooking food for the guests, but also performed taekwondo (a Korean martial art), K-pop dance, traditional fan dance, evangelical drama, evangelical black light theater, and chatted a lot with the guests.

I am very thankful for their enthusiastic serving and preaching, their heart for reaching out to people, and the technology that broke the barriers of language and distance. I could feel that they just live life from the inside out, living as who they are.

Peer learning is prized. The chat of peer groups is always touching and powerful. As people are in the same boat, facing similar situations and challenges, conversation is more “real”, more powerful, and more persuasive. Besides, chatting with different nationalities always brings a lot of insight, joy, and inspiration to each other.

Living in a country that is less than 1% Christian, this kind of exchange might be precious and rare for many local Japanese university students, both Christians and non-Christians. Are you someone who is called by Jesus to share your life story with university students in Japan?

By the way, thank God that one of the guests would like to keep in contact with the church for learning the Korean language. May God keep blessing and guiding the young lady to come to him through Korean learning, and keep raising the seeds that were planted at the party.

By Karis, an OMF Missionary

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