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The God Who Opens Doors in Japan

For a missionary, Japan is an exciting place to be at Christmas! Although it’s very commercialized, there is an openness to know more about the meaning of Christmas and opportunities to invite people to special events where we explain the love of God for his broken sinful world. We get to tell people that he graciously sent his Son into our world, where he lived without sin, and then took the punishment for our sin upon himself and, through faith in him, opened a way to God.

One Christmas, many years ago, as a group of us from our church sang carols, the doors of an old age home were flung open and we were kindly invited to sing. Our small group sang in front of an enormous Buddhist altar and I realized that that was all the residents knew, and that all of them were so close to eternity. It was a sobering moment to realise they would probably slip away without hope and assurance of salvation. It made me cry out to the Lord to make a way for the elderly, so inaccessible at the time, hidden behind closed doors. We had an opportunity to give them gospel tracts. The next day we were gratified to see some reading the tracts.

Then, years later, in 2011, the tsunami came to our area, and doors were opened as people fled for their lives. Those who survived were placed in tiny temporary houses—many of these were elderly. By the grace of God, ever since then they have welcomed our gospel ministry to them.

But with no recent visible fruit there is still a long way to go. And yet the Lord has kept the door open and we believe that the risen Lord Jesus who says “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go . . .” (NIV) will work in their hearts and call out his people. We can expect great things and attempt great things for the whole of Japan because our Lord lives and reigns.

By Glenda, an OMF missionary

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