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The Best is Yet to Come

Hi, I’m Ehmet, and I must be the happiest young man in China. The results for the biggest exam of my life have just come back, and…

I’ve been accepted to a major university in central China. I can’t believe it! All my dreams are coming true.

My parents have worked long hours and done their very best for me since before I was born, and now their sacrifices are paying off. Silk Road people always work very hard for their family members. Now I have the chance to bring honor to them by doing well at university. When I graduate, I want to become a civil servant so I’ll have a steady income and I can live close to my family.

I have never left our county before, so I can’t wait to move to central China. People say that it’s very hot there in the summer, and that the girls are very beautiful. But I’m not interested in romance. I want to focus on my studies so I can be a top student there, just like I’ve been a top student in our town.

I am a bit nervous about getting used to the lifestyle there though. They usually eat rice rather than bread or noodles, and they use different words for things there.

I hope I can make some friends there who come from Silk Road regions, so I won’t feel so far from home.

I almost forgot, we got great news yesterday. My uncle’s neighbor has just moved to the same city to set up a restaurant. His place is a little far from the university, but I’ve promised him that I’ll go there two or three times each week to help their children with homework. Their family has never studied Chinese formally, so they’ll need some support. We’re from the same hometown, so I want to help them out. Plus, they promise to cook me the best noodles and flat bread, and play local music full-blast while I’m there!

Life in my hometown has been good, and I love my family and my people. But the best part of my life is just about to begin. I can’t wait!

Please Pray:

  • Praise God for strong family values in Silk Road culture.
  • Pray for Silk Road young people like Ehmet, as they adapt to a different culture in a different part of China.
  • Pray that God will provide people in their new cities to welcome them and help them to settle.

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