Thailand needs the Gospel. If the Lord calls you to serve Him for long term service in Thailand, joining OMF would be a great choice for the following reasons:

  • We are reaching the unreached. Many of the 369 churches with links to the OMF were the first church in their district. We continue to go to the spiritually neediest areas.
  • We are focussing on planting churches that are self-sustainable and that multiply. Our missionaries are not pastors, but catalysts.
  • We have a great language and culture program to help you become an effective missionary.
  • As the largest mission organisation in Thailand, with over 100 missionaries, we have a great infrastructure to support you in life and ministry (e.g. church planting training, learning from experienced missionaries, medical advisor, support for home schoolers).
  • OMF has an excellent relationship with the national church in Thailand, which opens many doors for ministry.
  • We highly value prayer. You will have people from many countries praying for your ministry.
  • We are committed to let everybody use his spiritual gifts to the fullest, and have many opportunities besides direct church planting.
  • We have several support roles to fill, and the people in support roles are an important and valued part of our team.
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