Questions and questioning ‘who am I?’

As a missionary in Thailand, I’ve been asked all kinds of questions. “Why do you come to Thailand?”  “How much do you earn?”  “Are you married?” “You mean you don’t have any children?”  Even [...]


Living faith

Nong Pleum’s father died when she was a young child. And when she was about 11 years old, her mother left home.  She went to live with an uncle who gave her a roof over her head and nothing [...]


Wisdom in words

‘’Wow, your Thai is really good, how many years have you been in Thailand’’ says the Thai student who sits in the back of my car. I am trying to concentrate on driving and keeping an eye out for [...]



Sitting in a Tennesse Starbucks, a Thai girl called Tina was asked why she was wearing a Buddhist amulet around her neck. For the first time in her life, she looked inside herself for a reason [...]