Thanksgiving/Harvest Sunday

I was asked to preach on Thanksgiving/Harvest Sunday in a mainly tribal church in Chiang Mai called “Beulah Church”. It was impressive to see a huge mound of fruit pilled up at the pulpit that [...]


Everyday stories

Before making a one day visa run to Bangkok, I prayed that I would have an opportunity to share Bible stories with the Thai I encountered that day. The first was a retired civil engineer in his [...]


No Bible, no breakfast!

In 1975 I was a student at Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr. Dan Bacon (DTS grad and OMF director at the time) was the chapel speaker and asked us students whether we were praying for any specific [...]


Hitch hiking monk

After a 3 day bible story training in Mae Sot, North Thailand, Kennedy Paizs and I were making the five hour trek back to Chiang Mai. I noticed an elderly monk hitch hiking by the side of the [...]


I was sick and you visited me

I’ve never liked hospitals. Glad I have not needed to go often at all. Naturally, they are places that you go to because you have to, or feel called to be. Hospitals can be places of [...]


Angels rejoicing in heaven

We came to a noodle shop and general store, and there we found Uanbu sitting at a table.  We sat down to talk with him, as Theerachai shared the prodigal son story, using an OMF poster-preaching [...]


Bible story telling

At this time we are in the USA for home assignment. Something that I have been doing in Thailand is using Bible story telling as a way to connect with people in the Word of God. While we are here [...]