Christ over corruption

Over this past year, I have been wanting to do adventure ministry in the area where I live in order to reach local youth and young adults. A few kilometres from my house there is a small mountain [...]


Culture, culture ……

… sometimes I just don’t get it. Some things just remain strange. But what do you want, if you were born on the other side of the world and now only five months are immersed in a completely [...]


God above all others

This morning I walked out of our house to take our youngest son to school when I saw this table full of offerings in front of our two neighbors’ houses. In case you can’t tell, the [...]


Thailand – ” # 1 in the world”

I recently read a surprising article in the Bangkok Post called “In the Lead” which ranked Thailand #1 in the world in various categories (both positive and negative): 1)coup d’états; [...]


Missed opportunity in Lopburi

We had arrived in Lopburi, a medium-sized city in central Thailand, to study language in our first year in Thailand. During that year, our sole mode of transportation was our bikes. We rode each [...]


It is the season

The sounds of Christmas have begun in Thailand with all the familiar classic songs that we are used to back home, being played at our local mall. The feelings of nostalgia and excitement from my [...]


The hammock spirit

  “There seem to be more of them than last time,” I was thinking out loud. We were passing a plot of land with many hammocks strung between the trees. It’s located next to a parking lot for [...]


Breath of fresh air

Two weeks ago I started my early morning exercise routine, which is basically jogging a few laps around our neighbourhood block and getting a good start to the day. I had always wanted to do this [...]


Three ladies on a bench

To take on a new role in church planting may sound like we have achieved something. “From now on we do not need to do ‘the work’, but we will coach our brothers and sisters from behind the [...]


Spirit worship in Thailand

A few weeks ago I was visiting a Thai friend on a Tuesday morning. I don’t generally go visiting in the morning, but this visit gave me a new insight into spirit worship in Thailand. Phi [...]


Confusion at T- junction

It’s for the spirits, so that they don’t get confused. Because spirits travel in straight lines and this is a T-junction, that will confuse them’’ one of my neighbours replied when I asked her [...]


Going bananas

Thailand is a fruit paradise. The climate allows for wondeful ‘summer’ fruits all year round. Bananas, mangoes, pineapple, guava, and many other fruit, half of which I cannot spell since I’ve [...]


Still bowing to spirit houses

One day, I was giving some of the new Christians a ride into town in our car. As I drove, I noticed that one of the elderly Christian ladies raised her hands and bowed as we passed a prominent [...]


The Speed Limit Monk Statue

Thailand has 68 million people and 35 million cars on the road. Of those vehicles, 76% of them have a Buddhist image sitting on the dashboard for protection. Yet Thailand ranks #2 in the world as [...]


Treats and the gospel

Thai people love to eat and have even coined a phrase, “gin prumprua”. It is hard to translate, but basically means that the Thai love to snack throughout the day and center their social [...]


“Wai” or “Wai” not?

Our house in Phrom Khiri is near the district office, and recently they held an installation service for a new Buddha statue/idol placed in the front (it is the black statue in the photo). Caleb, [...]


Two god village

There is a peculiar village outside of Chiang Mai called “House of Two gods”. At first I wondered if there had been some kind of mythical battle in the past between two rival gods … a kind of [...]


Waving hello

Thai culture is unique and wonderful, very different from my own warm South African upbringing. We first noticed this in 2014, when we first arrived in Thailand, and quickly learned about [...]


Blood Sacrifice and Strawberry Fanta

I just read a fascinating article called, “In Thailand, blood sacrifice is out, Strawberry Fanta is in. (https://www.pri.org/stories/2017-04-06/thailand-blood-sacrifice-out-strawberry-fanta) Most [...]


Taste and see

The opportunity came out of the blue… Our local community was going to celebrate the “Khaochi- Festival”. For that reason they invited us to join in and produce a Swiss style [...]


Neighboorhood connections

  In trying to get back into Thai language learning, I sought out the help of Ms. Noy, who is a neighbor of ours and also a former Thailand championship takraw player. Ms. Noy has made her [...]



When we moved to Isaan a few years ago, we had some contacts, who seemed genuinely interested in the gospel. But after some months, most of them were gone. Later, we realized that they were [...]


7 Dangerous Days and 7 Passionate Days

It seems that every year during the Songkran Festival in Thailand a new record is broken. If it was a new record for the most water throwing revelers in the same place it would be acceptable, but [...]

Amazing Thailand

The main motto promoted by the Thai tourism department is “Amazing Thailand”. The year 2016 was indeed amazing for our country, but none so surprising, especially in the area of sports, than the [...]


Nothing is left to coincidence in Thailand

Nothing is left to coincidence in Thailand. Today while reading a book I learned that even a house plan in Isaan has a deeper thought behind it. It has to do with auspiciousness. The four wind [...]


A walk in the Forest

Last year, we had an outing to the nearby mountains with some of our Thai friends.  As we walked along through the forest, they continued to point to the many species of plants and flora that [...]


The turtle

Mother Khong saw another turtle along the road. She wanted to pick it up, but she hesitated. She did not have to bring the turtle back to the turtle temple. A few months ago, she would have [...]


“When I Want My Heart to Be Water”

I began sprinting toward the sky train, even as I realized it was a hopeless cause. Once those doors start sliding closed, they don’t open again until the next stop. To my astonishment, the doors [...]


Why do we eat out so often in Thailand

This is an often asked question of missionaries. One of the reasons we eat out so often is that eating out is often cheaper than eating at home. But the main reason our family eats out is to get [...]


Thailand has lost its colour

I feel like Thailand has lost its colour.  I have lived in Thailand for over 16 years.  Normally, it is a place of colour, noise and smiles.  My Thai friends and neighbours love to wear bright [...]

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