McCallum Steve McCallum comes from the beautiful outdoor paradise of British Columbia, Canada. He loves outdoor adventuring, especially canoeing, and has a B.Sc in Biology. Before coming to Thailand he worked in the Gardening/Landscaping profession in Vancouver, as well as regular preaching. The call to Thailand came quite suddenly out of the blue in March of 2011 followed by his first short term of 5 months to Thailand to explore further in fall of 2011.  At the end of this, there were a number of indications that his connection with South Thailand would continue. After a couple more short terms to Thailand over the next 4 years, he began long term in Thailand in November of 2015. After 8 more months of language study, he is just beginning ministry back in South Thailand. At this time, he is planning to serve in church planting in a new, and soon to be determined location along with Dave and Lila Chang in the province of Nakhon Si Thammarat in South Thailand.

Steve McCallum

Areas of Need for Future Workers
–Right now there is a need for a Church planting team in the district of Julapon, a district of 30,000 with no known Christians. It is a hard area since there is no one main community, but is spread out. People church planting there would need to be willing to travel around the district extensively to reach the people of this district and likely will need to visit various cell groups throughout the district once people come to Christ.


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