church, south thailandChurch planting work amongst Thai Buddhists in South Thailand has a number of unique challenges. The population is smaller than other regions and stretched over a thin but 800 kilometres long isthmus. It is harder to get Thai Christians from other regions to come and be involved in church planting work here, but we praise God that the number of Christians in South Thailand is growing at approximately 4% per year.

The OMF South Thailand team aims to start new work by following family lines and social networks where there is no existing local church or in a central populated location surrounded by areas with very few churches. Our vision is a movement of





ACTS churches


Together with the body of Christ

to reach South Thailand.


The missionaries in South Thailand who are OMF and partners are:

Jeff & Belinda Callow (teamleaders), Bruce & Trish Bartleet, Jonathan & Genine Thomas, Dave & Lila Chang and Steve & Angel McCallum

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