Pirie Family

We (Vaughan and Cathy Pirie) took on the role of Managers at The Pines in February 2014. Prior to that we worked with OMF Thailand in church planting work in South Thailand.

We have served together in Thailand since 2007. Prior to our marriage in January 2006, Cathy trained and worked as an Occupational Therapist. In 1995 she came to Thailand and worked mainly in South Thailand doing church leadership training. She loves talking to people over cups of tea and enjoys hearing people’s stories.

Nathan became part of our family in January 2013. He loves people, trucks, tractors and anything that goes “Brmm.” He is an outgoing, friendly boy. He is also an amazing swimmer.

Vaughan had a long journey to get to Thailand. Along the way he has trained as an accountant, then later as a primary/elementary school teacher, he has also worked in retail, as a church children’s worker and as an assistant pastor. He loves eating spicy food, playing games and helping people in their journey with God.




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