BookhammerPhil and Kate both have undergraduate degrees in Bible theology, Phil from Malone University in Ohio, and Kate from Grove City College in Pennsylvania. Both have master’s degrees in intercultural studies and missiology from Wheaton College Graduate School.

During 2006-2007, Phil went to Thailand to do an eight month apprenticeship at a custom motorcycle shop in Bangkok and fell in love with the culture and people. But the thing that struck him the most about Thai people was their need for a relationship with Jesus. After this experience he felt a strong calling to return to Thailand to proclaim the gospel.

The years 2008-2012 were a major time of preparation for Phil & Kate going to Thailand. They both studied Bible theology in college and met during that time.  They were married in 2009 and in 2010 they attended graduate school as neither of them knew much about missions. While at school the Lord confirmed their calling in many ways and they were able to focus their education more specifically on Thailand.  In 2011 they began apply to OMF and joined the Thailand team in November 2012.

Phil & Kate and Parker Bookhamer live in Lopburi, Thailand, where they are involved in student ministry. Student ministry provides a variety of ways for both long-term and short-term missionaries to get involved. One area of constant need is people who will use their giftedness to come up with creative ways of evangelization. Many students need to be challenged to think about life on a deeper level.  This happens by reaching them in ways that connect personally. Many are not as interested in reading a book as watching a movie or video clip. Illustrations or images that have deeper meaning can communicate a message that will stick in the memory and have a lasting impact. Thousands of students waste their lives in internet and gaming cafes everyday. They are in desperate need of meaning in life and a relationship with their Savior. We need to reach these students with the message of hope.


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