ByersOur names are Jason & Jennifer Byers and we have a 3 year old daughter named Moriah and a newly born daughter named Isobel. We are from the United States. Jason and Jenn both graduated from Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri. Jason received a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and Jenn a bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Studies with a minor in Spanish. Prior to coming to Thailand, Jason worked with troubled youth in boys’ homes. Jenn was a teacher for a few years and then worked part-time as an office administrator for a Christian non-profit after Moriah was born.

We both thought/hoped we would end up in Central or South America. But, as part of Jenn’s Intercultural Studies degree, she landed in Sisaket province in Thailand for 6 months in 2006. Shortly after graduation, she felt God calling her back to Thailand with the verse from Isaiah 61:1. Even though Jason was set on going to South America, the Father directed his heart toward Thailand as well. After a honeymoon/vision trip to Thailand in 2007, we planned to return to Thailand as a married couple.

In 2013 we finally arrived to Thailand and spent 1 year in language school. In October 2014 we moved to the Sahatsakhan district in the province of Kalasin (Northeast Thailand). We joined Rolf & Elfi Gerber, our team leaders in a church planting effort. Our team is called the “Kalasin/Sakonnakhon cluster.” Currently a small group of believers meet for fellowship on Sundays. A large part of our personal ministry right now is to continue with our Thai language studies. Jason regularly goes out in the community to get to know villagers.

There are still so many districts without churches. As our team finds more pockets of believers throughout Kalasin and Sakonnakhon, we would love for more missionaries to move in and begin their work in these districts.

We keep a record of all our updates on our blog and Jenn regularly posts on Facebook.
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