SimmonsHello, I am Heather and I have been in Thailand since 2009. Prior to arriving in Thailand, God had been placing missions on my heart over a number of years. Initially it was a general interest in mission and then as I explored mission further, God led me to specifically to Thailand. My heart was burdened for the many who do not yet know the joy and hope of the gospel. Those years included 3 years studying Geography in Wales, 2 years at Bible College in Northern Ireland, some time working in London with international students and some time back working in my home town in central England. During those years God brought things to my attention, taught me key lessons, opened my eyes and grew me in His ways and refined me as part of preparing me for coming to Thailand.

After an initial year of full time language and culture study I worked in the city of Lopburi in central Thailand amongst students. I was part of a ministry that was seeking to see a body of Christian students established and strengthened in the local university and high schools. We longed to see Christian students being discipled and in turn reaching out to their peers with the good news of Jesus.

After a one year home assignment in the UK I returned to Thailand, and also to Lopburi. However, this time I was directed to a different role and in 2014 I started as the Daniel Training assistant. I am part of the Daniel Training team. We support and help new missionaries as they adjust to life in Thailand, learn Thai and start to assimilate the Thai culture. We long to see new workers “At home in the culture” by effectively relating to and serving alongside Thai people and performing with competence in language and culture. We do this by providing a learning environment,  supporting, equipping and inspiring for ministry in Thailand.

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