KintWe are Erwin & Lisette Kint from the Netherlands and we have been in Thailand since October 2010. We have been sent out in partnership with GZB and OMF. Before coming out to Thailand Erwin worked for a major oil-company. He completed a master’s study in chemical engineering at Delft University of Technology, did a minor in business economics and studied theology at the Evangelical Theological Faculty in Leuven, Belgium. Lisette worked several years in accounting after finishing her social pedagogy studies. We have three children: Noëlle, Lilian and Naomi.

A business trip to Thailand and a visit to missionaries working in Isaan was one of the stepping-stones in our journey of coming to Thailand. God opened an opportunity for us to come and we decided to step out.

After a first year in the countryside to start learning the Thai language and culture, we moved to Bangkok at the end of 2011. In Bangkok we have started a ministry for Christian young professionals from different churches. The Young Pro Network organizes activities and opportunities to equip young professionals in all spheres of life, with a strong emphasis on work & business life. Besides that, Erwin is working with Business 4 Blessing which focuses on supporting and promoting Business as Mission ventures. Furthermore we work together with two churches in Bangkok. One is a Thai church that already exists for quite a few years and the other church is a recent churchplant: Grace City Church.


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