Hello friends, we are the Adams family from Sydney, Australia. Read on and you will realise that God really can use anyone for his purposes – what is he going to do with you ?!?
We came to Thailand in February 2015. We had spent most of our time in the few years leading up to arriving here at Bible College, in preparation for this adventure. God led us here by showing us the good news of the Gospel and convincing us of the need of those who don’t know Jesus in Thailand.
We are part of the urban poor church planting team located in the east of Bangkok. We are still in our first term so our time is split between team work and language and culture learning. Our team partners with Thai churches and engages volunteers from those churches to go into urban poor communities and share the good news about Jesus Christ. We are aiming to create a network of cell groups/churches which will fall under the care of the churches we partner with.
We really love living and serving in Bangkok. Some people will give you a bleak view of Bangkok – traffic, pollution, busy, not so much grass or trees – and this is true. But Bangkok has some big positives – Shopping centres, great food, cheap movies, water parks, good public transport, great schooling options just to name a few things.
Want to be a missionary in Bangkok? We see a great need among the urban poor and we can accommodate many more within our team – after all this city has 12,000,000 people.
If you want to know more contact the OMF Thailand office.

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