CurtisBuzz & Ruthi Curtis are from California, USA, and are both TCKs (Third Culture Kids). Ruthi is the daughter of OMF missionaries Ernie & Mertie Heimbach, who did pioneer church planting with the Hmong tribe in Thailand in the 1950-60s.  Buzz is a DK (Diplomatic Kid) whose parents worked with the US State Department in several countries as he grew up.

Buzz has a BA degree in graphic design from San Diego State University, CA. Ruthi has a BA degree in Sociology from Greenville University, IL. We met in San Diego at College Avenue Church in 1974 and got married in 1976, just after sensing God’s call on our lives. While working, and studying Bible courses, we applied to mission agencies and were ready to leave with OMF for the field in 1980.

Since then we been working as church planters in Central Thailand, starting both Lamnarai Samphan Church in Lopburi province and Peace Church in Saraburi. During those years we became involved with and trained in healing prayer ministry which is a predominant part of our call and ministry to people in Thailand, and our OMF team.

In 2012 we were asked to fill the personnel manager position of Thailand field office in Bangkok and so we now care more for the spiritual and emotional needs of our missionary members. However, we are still advisors to the Thai church leaders in Saraburi province.

We have 3 grown sons, Nate, Ben and David, who have married Ghia, Lisa and Cathy respectively; with Ghia from the Philippines, and Cathy from China, our family is now truly international. God has also blessed us with 2 granddaughters.

From the vantage point of our current location in Bangkok, we would love to see a missionary couple come to live in the “Burapa 18” neighbourhood of over 300 families that surrounds our OMF Thailand office complex, to belong with them instead of the office. The chairman of the neighbourhood committee has recently come to believe, and there are many other open doors for fruitful relationships with Thai families, men-women, teens and children… Yet no one is fully available for them in an incarnational ministry. Will you come? We’re waiting for you.

Cell phones: Buzz +66 (0)98.481.9510  Ruthi +66 (0)87.094.7229

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