TreloganWho are we

The Trelogans went to Thailand in 1975 with two children where they spent their first term assisting Rowland Bell follow up interested patients and relatives who had heard the Gospel at Manorom Christian Hospital. As well as  providing a part-time veterinary service, they were able to establish six new Christian groups in the surrounding villages with the help of medical workers and Thai elders from Manorom church.

In 1980 they moved up river to Phayuha, the next town, where they gathered three of these groups into one to form a church under their house and, with the help of Manorom elders, they were able to hand over a church of 20 baptized believers with their own rented property to the care of five Thai elders in 1989.

Since then they have been working with lay leaders in 15 churches  in Uthai province, developing an indigenous network of rural churches within the Associated Churches of Thailand.

They now have five children (two of whom live  in Asia) and 9 grandchildren.

Educational background

Glasgow University graduates in veterinary medicine and zoology, respectively, Bible Training Institute Glasgow graduates (two and one-year certificates, respectively).

Call to Thailand

An OMF bulletin requesting church planters in rural Central Thailand doing personal evangelism and working with small groups of new believers.

Placement of new missionaries

Working along side Thai lay leaders in small rural churches helping with personal evangelism, pastoral care with the view to (when fluent in language and adapted to culture) helping develop church leaders for the future and networking structures at provincial level.


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