Pray for more workers to come and serve with us. We would like 20 new workers every year.

Pray for more workers for Isaan (Northeast Thailand), North Thailand and South Thailand in particular, where it is necessary to learn a dialect.

Pray for all our church planting teams to plant more than one church at a time.

Pray for effective use of Project Paul (church planter’s training) to develop Thai church planters.

Pray for more churches to be established in all five regions in which we work.


Pray for us to build effective links with Thai Diaspora work.

Pray for Kanok Bannasan publishers to be strategic and effective in meeting the literature needs of the growing Thai Church.

Pray for an effective partnership with the Associated Churches in Thailand (ACT).

Pray for creative evangelistic ministries, such as Sattha (=faith) football teams and the Kwamjing (=truth) website.

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