PasschierPeter & Kelly Passchier were appointed to OMF Canada in September 2005. Peter, born in The Netherlands, has a master’s degree in clinical and personality psychology and has worked as a software engineer and systems administrator. He has felt a call to minister to the unreached ever since coming to Christ, with a particular focus on the Buddhist peoples of  Southeast Asia. With OMF Netherlands he served for 2 months in the Philippines in 1998. Kelly grew up in Vancouver in a Christian home, and felt a call towards missions during her university studies in microbiology. They met at All Nations Christian College in England, where they completed their BA (Hons.) in biblical and intercultural studies. Their vision for a culturally integrated approach to missions and focus on South-East Asia led them to OMF International. Peter became an Associate member of OMF in May 2007, on loan to IVCF to minister full time among international students at the University of British Columbia. They became OMF members in May 2008 when they went to Asia.

After having completed a year of full time Thai language study in the city of Lopburi, they moved to the city and province of Lampang, Northern Thailand in July 2009 to join an international team of missionaries involved in a church planting ministry under the umbrella of The Lighthouse: centre for the development of Life. The Lighthouse vision is to see groups of local believers, rooted in Biblical truth, filled with the Spirit, ministering to one another and expressing the life and love of Christ in Thai ways within their local communities, thereby reaching out with Jesus’ love to others. They ran English classes, Kids’ Club, Mums & Tots groups, and community meals and events. Outside of The Lighthouse, team members were involved in a Kids’ Club in a local village, teaching English in a village school, English homework assistance at the Language Centre of a prominent Thai university, guest teaching English in universities and colleges in Lampang, a yearly English Camp at a local community centre, and pastoral visitation, discipleship and Bible studies. Besides intentional network building activities and ministry, all manner of general activities and involvements in daily life, especially around the children’s school and extra-curricular activities are effective ways to get out into the community at large.

Their first son Lukas was born in Vancouver in 2006, their other two sons were born in Thailand: Emmet in Bangkok in 2009, and Danai in Chiangmai in 2011. The children are currently attending a local international school in with a two-thirds English language British curriculum, where all the other students speak Thai.

In their second term, for a while they were the only missionaries in Lampang, where their ministry focus in on starting Jesus-centered lay-led missional communities among the Thai Buddhists. In order to foster indigenous ways of communicating the story of God and the transformation that the Holy Spirit brings, they are ever continuing to improve their mastery of the Thai language and the knowledge of Thai religion, culture and worldview. They are assisted by people in the extensive community and network that was build up over the years. They aim to expand the way we worship together in the broadest sense, seizing every opportunity. Reading the Bible and discussing living with Jesus with people and conduct conversational English groups was a major part of that.

Since the start of their third term in 2019 they work with the Tai Yuan team in Chiangrai, still reaching out to Northern-Thai Buddhists.

There is enormous scope for involvement in the lives of Thai people, even when your Thai language skills are minimal. Anyone that is daring to reach out, participate, bond and share will have a deep impact on individuals and communities. The friendliness and openness to new relations of the Thai people in general really lowers the threshold! Please feel welcome to join us for a shorter or longer time..!

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