02-08-30-10-31-02-KohlerFive percent of Thailand’s population lives in the 3 Northern provinces of Chiangmai, Chiangrai and Maehongson, but over 50% of the Christians in the whole country reside here. So one of the focuses of OMF North Thailand is to mobilize the native ethnically non-Thai Christians to reach out to the ethnically Thai buddist population.

But even so, Christians are still a small minority in North Thailand, especially in rural parts, and so there is still a huge need for widespread evangelism, thorough discipleship, ongoing Bible teaching, and mentoring for multiplication. OMF North Thailand is involved in several seminaries in this region, equipping workers for the harvest. There are workers doing mobilization, oral story-telling of the gospel, AIDS care work, children’s outreaches, partnering with local Thai and tribal churches, church planting, and more. There is ample room for workers with a wide variety of interests and gifts!

Chiangmai Theological Seminary: www.ctsthailand.org

J.O.Fraser Centre: fb.com/jofrasercentre

Life Development Lampang: www.teamlampang.org

Phayao Bible Seminary: www.phayaobible.org

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