Thai Tempo January – February 2019


Special gifts for Christmas

This year the gifts started coming at the beginning of November: with four first year students joining the cell group at Mahidol University. A week later four more students started to come.
December was busy: We started having two Christmas outreach activities (back-to-back) and even though it was really exhausting and stressful, it was really encouraging to see students so eager to invite their friends to the events, hoping to share with them the gospel message. We would organize events, not knowing how many will turn up, and in the past, we’d often been disappointed by poor turn-outs. However, this time, more students turned up than we’d expected so that was a really wonderful Christmas gift from the Lord.
Michelle Goh, NakhonPhatom province

Pray for:

  • Praise the Lord for the freshmen joining the cell group at Mahidol University
  • Pray for students coming together in cell groups to grow in their faith and to invite fellow students to the group
  • Pray for the gospel seeds to grow in the hearts of the non-Christian students who came to the Christmas celebrations
  • Christian students who are not yet involved with a cell group or attending a church near the university that they would seek Christian fellowship


The Storm at the Pines

January 4, 2019 tropical storm “Pabuk” made landfall on the Southeast coast of Thailand. While it was strongest in the area of NakhonSriThammaraat there were also strong winds and high waves in Prajuab where the OMF holiday home “The Pines” is situated. Several trees were uprooted and fell on the fence, waves came a few meters into the property. With a number of the big trees gone and the fence damaged the question is what and how to rebuild or to build stonger protection against the erosion of the beach? To what extend should one guard “against” or “live with” nature. Please join us in prayer while the managers and field leadership think and pray about this topic.
Ulrich&Renate Kohler, ChiangMai and Bangkok

Pray for:

  • Thank the Lord for the blessing that “The Pines” has been over many years for the missionaries taking their vacation
  • “The Pines” to continue being a place of spiritual and physical refreshment
  • The Lord to lead in the questions of rebuilding, guarding against beach erosion and also other renovation work that needs to be done
  • The Lord’s leading to have the right company come and do the building work
  • The preparation process of two couples/families possibly being long term mission home managers at “The Pines” (raising support, learning the language)


Combining children’s needs with reaching out in areas with little Christian witness
– Modular Study Option in Chiang Mai –

After homeschooling for 8 years our eldest son, will likely begin a new schooling option here in Thailand from the beginning of this August.  We are excited about the availability of this new option, which allows children to continue homeschooling in remote locations, while at the same time allows them to have fellowship with other missionary children during intensive modular courses for one week each month. Our hope is that this schooling option will be able to grow and provide support for many missionary families throughout Asia. This option is not only valuable in terms of children’s needs but is strategic in that it allows parents to continue to minister in places where there aren’t any churches yet.
We praise God for His provision of a good facility and many people interested to help in bringing this to fruition.  We would ask you to join us in prayer as the Modular Study Group is still in need of one English teacher.
Jared&Stacy Haechton, Kham Muang, Kalasin province

Pray for:

  • Praise God for this new opportunity to continue home schooling while also meeting the social needs of the children
  • Praise God for the facilities and people working towards starting this modular study group in ChiangMai
  • The still needed English teacher
  • Good solutions for children’s education for each family


Sowing at different occasions

Less people came to the Christmas celebration in NaMaKhuea but they seemed to be more attentive than the year before. Some even came to watch the Jesus film the next day. As we got good feedback and because we are continually praying to start a cellgroup in this village, it was an easy decision whether to take part in the celebration of the National Children’s Day there. Every year the community leadership organizes it on the temple ground. They provided a gazebo for us – so kids as well as adults joined the fun of catching sweets from our catapult and trying to hammer peas. Some kids also enjoyed colouring in the provided pictures while waiting for their turn.
There is often not much time or opportunity to share the gospel on occasions like this Children’s day celebration. Nevertheless it is a good opportunity getting to know people and building goodwill and trust within the community.
Rolf&Elfi Gerber, Sahatsakan, Kalasin province

Pray for:

  • Trust and acceptance in the community of NaMaKhuea
  • The people of NaMaKhuea to be open for the Gospel. Pray especially for the ones who came to the Christmas celebration and watching the Jesus film afterwards.
  • A cell group to be established in this village.



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