God is stirring Chinese hearts in Chiang Mai!

The Lord is answering powerful prayers for Chiang Mai Grace church’s cross cultural outreach to mainland Chinese in Chiang Mai. On August 9th, the first Sunday worship service in Chinese language started. It was an awesome and joyful Sunday worship time. A total of 33 Chinese adults and 13 children showed up. Dr Nuum’s message was on the powerful theme of forgiveness which some responded to with tears and raised hands to ask for prayers to forgive others. Pray that the Holy Spirit will keep working in people’s hearts.

Chinese children attended the Thai Children Sunday school and mingled together very well. They also served at the special bakery sale with lots of energy and fun. Both the Thai teachers and Thai adults praised them.

In the weeks following the opening, each service has seen an increase of interested seekers wanting to know more about Christ the Saviour. (Jill Lee, church planting, Chiang Mai)

Please pray for

  • Chinese parents will work together with Thai Sunday school teachers.
  • The Harvest is ripe. We need labourers. Please pray for more workers who can come to help harvest!

Sattha international soccer outreach

Sattha 2015a“I went to Bangkok to meet a short-term team coming to Thailand for 3 weeks. The team was made up of 21 men and women from around the world, ranging in age from 16-52. I worked alongside a senior missionary, Will, as the team taught English and played soccer at various schools around Central Thailand. They were an amazing team of people!

Although our schedule was exhausting, the team made it a lot of fun as there was plenty of laughter! The best part was that God was moving in mighty ways and He used this team to make His Name known.

The following picture is a great example of what we did for 3 weeks. This is NOT a staged picture…as you can see those students were listening very intently and asking questions asSattha 2015 ii senior missionary Tim explained the gospel to them! It was thrilling to see their interest and to hear their questions and to be a part of what God is beginning in their lives! God worked like this in many ways with this team! Another girl at another school asked me, “Who is Jesus?” I was shocked as I have never been asked that question! My language abilities do not allow me to explain the gospel very well but I was able to pull up my Thai Bible app on my phone and have them read John 3:16,17- “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” Six of the girls made a decision for Christ right there with a leader from the local church. She made an appointment to meet with them again! God is good!

Sattha 2015 iiiI was also able to share my testimony at an agricultural school. I didn’t have time to prepare it in Thai so I used an interpreter. God gave me the words to say as I emphasized that we are all sinners and that there is no sin too great that God cannot forgive because of His great love for us. I can honestly say that they listened so well that there was absolute silence! I pray that my story resonated with them and that they remember that there is a God who loves them! (Amy Cottle, Church Planting Nakorn Sawan Province)

Please pray for:

The students who heard the good news of Jesus Christ! Pray that they will come to saving faith and be connected to local churches where they can be discipled!


North and South

Phayao Bible Seminary in North Thailand welcomed 19 new students! “Wai Kru” means “pay respect to the teacher” in Thai. It is the most important event to be held for every school at the start of the new academic year. This year is the first time PBS did it. Students sang us a song, prayed God’s blessings (Buddhists pray their way), gave a short appreciation talk, then eight representatives paid respect by presenting eight teachers with flowers (each different flower has a different meaning: for respect, for patience or perseverance, and for discipline), and bowing down onto the floor, which is the most polite way to show respect. Very humbling for them I think, and maybe uncomfortable for some teachers. After it was all over, lots of hugs (guys with guys, girls with girls – “no touching opposite sex” is cultural norm) and some tears helped seal our friendships. The Lord Jesus has ‘called’ many wonderful people to Himself, and only He knows who and what they will be and do for Him! (Ron and Leng Kue Viergutz , Phayao Bible Seminary)

Please pray for:

  • Thai Christian students to ” Wai “Jesus in their hearts.
  • An end to the unrest in the deep south of Thailand, and for open hearts to hear and consider the Prince of Peace.
  • God ‘s encouragement and joy for Thai brothers and sisters in Christ, when facing hatred and selfishness
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