Pass on what you have learned to a person who passes on…

In September Rolf took part in a training for evangelism and following up interested people. He could also motivate another pastor to go along. The training was done by Thais who experience an encouraging turning to the Lord in another province. It amazed us to see how they do their work with determination and how they are careful that all their members reach out in the same way. They use the same poster-set we have been using for many years. One of the stories shows how our “good works” cannot bring us into heaven.
Through this training we got valuable hints and it encouraged us to train our local members. So we organized a training day for the four churches in our province. To practice telling Bible stories and where we see God at work in our lives the churches now leave more time to do that during the Sunday worship services. In this way many church members are encouraged and enabled to reach out to their friends and families.
On our visitations to some villages we had really good conversations. So we will go back to visit them again. We hope for whole families to turn to the Lord not just individuals.
Rolf&Elfi Gerber, Sahatsakhan, Kalasin province

Pray for:

  • Whole families turning to the Lord
  • Church members to be equipped and being bold to share the Gospel
  • open doors/hearts for the Gospel when the church members visit their neighbours and friends


A Bible in every school library

30,435 beautiful Bibles have been donated to give one to every school library in Thailand (as part of Thailand Bible Society’s reformation project “500 years of the Bible reaching the common people”). OMF missionaries are involved in distributing the Bibles in their areas of ministry. Sometimes schools are quite remote and difficult to find (like in the LaatYaaw district) – but new contacts can be made with teachers and students. For many children in those remote places the Bible in their library might be the only opportunity to hear about God.
The principal of a school in the DonChedi district invited Robertsons and the Thai Christians to come and “teach religion” on a Friday morning when the monks usually come to the school for that purpose. The government wants students to learn about all religions to keep peaceful relations.
Kim&Mary Robertson, DonChedi, Suphanburi province and Rebecca Penrose, LaatYaaw, NakhonSawan province
Pray for:

  • the Bibles to be put on the library shelves to be accessible to the students
  • students to read and get to know God’s word (esp. the ones in remote places where they don’t have other opportunities to hear about God)
  • good relationships between Christians and the teachers and students at school – open doors for future outreaches
  • Robertsons and the Thai Christians as they will teach about Christian faith in one of the schools


“Bonus potatoes”

We were about to throw out a pile of old potatoes that were already sprouting shoots. Then came a thought – “why not plant them?” Holes were dug along our flowering begonias. And before long a row of lush green fronds emerged, providing a fitting backdrop to the colourful plants and promising a bonus harvest. Who would have thought that a potato reject would be such a blessing? Which made us think of the difficulties that sometimes hit our Thai work, but then turn out for good. For example:
On the way visiting a Thai Lady our Navi gave us the wrong directions resulting in being delayed 40 minutes! A problem? Not really, as the lady had just finished her work at the restaurant, and could now give us her undivided attention!
Or dates for Thai fellowship groups clash occasionally, meaning we miss some meetings. Positively however it means that groups are now taking more responsibility in running their own meetings.
David&Mary Robinson, Thai Diaspora work in the UK

Pray for:

  • Missionaries having open eyes for God’s work amidst “obstacles”
  • Missionaries going through difficult times (transitions, disappointments, conflicts, etc.) to not lose hope that God will use it all to bring good out of it
  • The Thai diaspora ministry around the world – may many come to know the Lord
  • Praise God for the fellowship groups in the UK to take more responsibility in running the meetings on their own
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