Thai Tempo October 2017

A year later

After a year of mourning the late King Rama IX Thailand enters the month of October with sadness. During this past year many memories of the late king have been shared in conversations and on social media, people have reminded each other of his teachings and projects and how they should live according to them. This month now is bringing this period to an end with the royal cremations rites October 25-29 (with the cremation on October 26).

For many people this is also a time of uncertainty – what will the future hold?


Pray for :

  • The people of Thailand in their mourning the loss of a great leader.
  • The new king and the royal family to continue leading this country well.
  • Stability and peace for the country.
  • The Christian gatherings in honour of the late King Rama IX – that they would be honouring the late king as well as the king of kings and that many who do not know the Lord yet might get to know him through these gatherings.


Uncle Chu coming back to Jesus

Would you be able to come to help us run a worship time this morning at uncle Chu’s place?” asked Santi early Sunday morning. “We need to go down to the city church to teach Sunday school, but we could come early for an hour.”

Uncle Chu (67) is an ‘old believer’ who hasn’t been to church for years but now that his health is not so good, has thought again about Jesus. His wife and one adult daughter channel spirits, but were willing to sit in on our home worship service with his other daughter and the two granddaughters and three Don Chedi believers.


Kim&Mary Robertson, Don Chedi, Suphanburi province



Pray for

  • this whole family to turn from the evil spirits to Jesus Christ.
  • wisdom for the Don Chedi Christians in relating to this family.
  • Thai people who have once followed the Lord but are now going their own ways – may they repent and come back into the kingdom of light.
  • Whole families coming to faith – so that they can encourage each other in following the Lord.
  • Christians who are the only ones in their families to stand firm in their faith.


What a guinea pig and a snake can teach you about Jesus…

One afternoon I heard my daughters screaming. I ran out to the yard to see what happened. “Rudolf is being strangled!” they cried. Then I saw the distinctive pattern of a python coiling its body around our favourite guinea pig. Gladys and I worked together to attack the snake and trying to free Rudolf. In the end the python left the guinea pig and slithered back into a hole under the house.

Amazingly, Rudolf’s lifeless body started breathing again. Our kids were filled with tears of joy mixed with fear.

Once again we were reminded of how Jesus rescued us from the stranglehold of Satan through the Cross and resurrection. However, there are many more Thais around us who are still living in bondage to sin. Would you please join us in praying for the power of Jesus to be revealed in Thailand?


David&Gladys Chang, Bangkok

Pray for :

  • The power of Jesus to be revealed in Thailand.
  • Many good opportunities for OMF missionaries to share the Gospel with their neighbours.
  • The children of missionaries to come to a living faith in God – not acquiring a Christian life style because their parents are missionaries, but having a relationship with their Creator themselves.
  • God’s protection for OMF missionaries to stay spiritually alert.
  • Praise God for his gift of forgiveness that Jesus died for us to set us free from the bondage of sin.
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