Thai Tempo November – December 2016

Thailand grieves


On October 13th the long dreaded moment came of the passing away of HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej who was like a father to the Nation and the source to which people looked up to for stability of the country. In his 70 years reigning as king he worked determined for the good of the whole nation, starting many royal projects to improve people’s living conditions. Now the country is mourning the late king.

Memories of his life are shared on TV, printed media, social networks, etc. Mourning is intermingled with thankfulness for his reign and apprehension about the future. All over the country people come together to pay respect to HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Often this is combined with Buddhist practices.

Ulrich&Renate Kohler, OMF Field director, Bangkok

  • Thank God for the life of HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej, for all the good he brought to the nation of Thailand.
  • Pray for the people of Thailand in their grief, for many it is comparable to the loss of a close relative.
  • Pray for continued peace and stability in Thailand.
  • Pray for Christians to paying respect to the late king in a culturally appropriate but also Christ honoring way



Seven years of prayers answered!


Katob (21), her husband,

Op, and little daughter, Groom, have come to Don Chedi church three times since making contact at a market outreach. Katob is a Christian but her husband, Op is not yet believing. Through Katob, we have met Jon, a retired pastor  and his wife, Pawn, who run a second hand shop.

They started holding meetings for a small group of Christians on Sunday mornings in Sa-kra-joam, about a year ago, about the same time we started Sunday evening meetings in Don Chedi. (Sa-kra-joam is a township in Don Chedi district, 17 kms west of Don Chedi town.) Jon was excited to come to the Don Chedi evening church service because he has prayed for seven years for a church to start in Don Chedi!

Kim & Mary Robertson, Don Chedi, Suphanburi Province


  • Thank God for leading the Don Chedi Team through the market outreach so that He brought them into contact with Jon and Pawn.
  • Pray for much mutual encouragement that this relationship would make God’s light shine even brighter in both communities and the whole area.
  • Thank God for this faithful intercessor – was he part of the Lord’s paving the way for the Gospel in Don Chedi?!
  • Let’s continue to pray for the many unreached sub-districts in Thailand that the Lord would make a way for the Gospel to reach those areas


Dawn in 1 of 5640 sub-districts without a church


Choosing a new church plant location can be a stressful task. We spent several hours asking the questions, “Where is the greatest need?” and “Where is the greatest responsiveness?” We spent several hours surveying potential new areas through driving by car and walking around on foot. And we spent several hours praying for God’s leading. The spiritual need is definitely great in Phrom Khiri!

As we settle into living in Phrom Khiri, we have been able to make some good connections with people in the community. We have met friendly neighbors. We have introduced ourselves at a preschool, where the principal happens to be the older sister of the mayor. We have visited the local hospital, where the head administrator warmly gave us a tour and shared her interest for us to help teach English. Our primary role is to church plant and make disciples of Jesus Christ, but at the same time we are also creatively exploring ways to engage the community for the sake of the gospel. Some ideas so far are English teaching, sports outreach, music ministry, and children’s club. We are also praying for a “person of peace” who would be open to the gospel and help us connect with many people in the community as well.

We cherish your partnership in prayer as we were recently reminded at a Thai church camp that though we live in a dark world we are to, “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you” (Isaiah 60:1).

David & Lila Chang, Phrom Khiri, Nakhon Sri Thammarat

  • Thank God for the start of a new church plant in one of the 5640 yet to reach sub-districts of Thailand.
  • Thank God for the relationships that could be established already.
  • Pray for those relationships to deepen and for responsiveness to the gospel.
  • Pray for the team of David & Lila Chang, Steven McCallum and Angel, a Thai university graduate who supports various OMF church plants in the province.
  • Pray for a “person of peace” who could be interested in the gospel and connect the team with many people in the community.
  • Pray for the two English clubs that have already started.


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