Thai Tempo November 2017


Caring for body and soul

During the rainy season the road from the village to the hut of Mrs L. and her daughters looks more like a slippery riverbed and the girls had toppled with their motorbikes on their way to the school bus. Thus Mrs L. has moved with her two daughters into a small room in the village. Now her daughters can reach the school bus much easier.

As a single mum it is quite difficult for Mrs L. to earn a living for her family. And her husband who is working in Bangkok hardly supports her. Most of his money is “invested” in alcohol.

But we rejoice that she and her younger daughter decided to get baptized on October 8. Her elder daughter got baptized two years ago already.

To help this family we suggested that she could cook the food for after the church service on Sundays and we will pay her rent. She gladly accepted. Now she doesn’t have to go to work on Sundays and can come to church instead.

Rolf&Elfi Gerber, Sahatsakhan, Kalasin Province

Pray for :

  • Mrs L. and her daughters to grow in their faith and trust in the Lord.
  • The husband that he might be set free from alcohol and be able to support his family.
  • Wisdom for missionaries and churches in how to address physical needs without creating dependencies.



Adventure Camp was held from 7-10 October. One Engineering university student who attended has become more convinced that there has to be an intelligent design behind the creation of the world, but he does not know who this could be? As we told stories about creation his questions were being answered. He became even more interested when he learnt that God desires our lives to be transformed as well.

We shared about Joseph and how God transformed and changed his life and then used him to save his family. On the Sunday we shared about Peter walking on the water to Jesus. This student shared that he is not quite ready to climb out the boat and follow Jesus yet, but he is 99% sure that Jesus has all the answers he is looking for and wants to keep studying the scriptures until he is totally convinced that Jesus is the answer. We continue to pray for this student to experience God in a real way in his life.

Bruce and Trish Bartleet, MaiLaa, NakhonSriThammaraat Province

Pray for

  • This student to continue studying God’s word and finding assurance of God being 100% real and trustworthy.
  • Other participants of the camp to come to faith too, and for the Christians to grow in their trust and love of the Lord.

The ongoing development of the camps – for example training of Thai facilitators.


Sowing – hoping – praying

The Bible study group in Nadun that met together before our home assignment seems to have really ended. Maybe our expectations of this group to grow and become a church were too high, so that we were less “sowing the seed” in other villages of the district? We now deliberately visit new villages in the district to preach the Gospel there too. Every village is a village where the people hear of the Creator-God for the first time in their lives! So far we don’t see many results, but we hope it is a “not yet” and carry on “sowing”.

A survey of other missionaries showed that about 1 in 400 Thais really wants to hear more about the Gospel. When you look at the 399 people not interested – you could easily get discouraged. But this one person of the 400 is definitely worth it. In our district of Nadun with it’s 40,000 inhabitants there could statistically be 100 people waiting to hear the Gospel… and maybe even more. That spurs us on to continue “sowing”

Ewoud & Gerjo Koning, Nadun, MahaSarakham Province

Pray for :

  • The 40,000 people of Nadun district in MahaSarakham Province to hear and respond to the Gospel.
  • The people who have come to the Bible study group to continue to grow in their faith and start meeting again.
  • the Koning family to be led by the Holy Spirit especially to the people that God has prepared already to receive His good news of salvation.
  • Missionaries in the ups and downs of church planting to be restored by the Lord when facing difficulties and discouragement.
  • People in other districts and provinces as well – as this “picture of Nadun” looks the same in other areas throughout Thailand.
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