Conversations at a Pork Stall
It feels more natural to hang around Eh’s pork stall in the market now that I know him better. We just talk and I even made a delivery for him once to a restaurant where I know the owner. Recently one of his friends, Keng, came by to visit and we ended up talking for an hour and a half. As we were talking about the crisis in Syria he asked, “How can this problem be solved?” I shared some of Jesus’ wisdom on loving our enemies and praying for “those who persecute us.” This led to a discussion about the difference between religion and gospel, with Keng showing genuine interest. After he left, Eh told me that Keng was having marital problems and he thinks Keng is really open to the good news of Jesus. Since Keng visits often, there will be good opportunities for follow-up. (Tim Noble, church planting, Ayutthya Province)
Please pray for: 

  • Keng to be drawn to the truth of the gospel: to Jesus Himself, through more conversations and through Christmas outreaches this month 
  • God to open doors of opportunity for missionaries and Thai Christians to share the good news of Jesus regularly.

Chiang Dao bakery

Conversations in a Bakery
“You should go and tell a Bible story to the man at Chiang Dao Bakery. He likes to chat,” my wife, Lisa, suggested to me. After months of putting it off, I finally took four Bible school students with me to visit Neung, owner of the shop. He was happy to chat and listen to Bible stories! So began our weekly visits to the bakery. God had already been at work in Neung’s life: he had a friendship with another missionary family who had to leave Thailand, and his two boys were friends with yet another missionary family. Neung’s boys asked to go to an established church. Instead, we suggested that we meet for church in the bakery on Sunday mornings, along with the boys’ friends and a few students. For 4 months now, we have been meeting at the bakery, going through an overview of the Bible. We can see God clearly working in the hearts of this family. They now read the Bible on their own, want to share the good news of Jesus with others, and want other youth to join the Sunday morning gatherings! (Richard Cho, J.O. Fraser Center, North Thailand)
Please pray for: 

  • Neung and his family to decide to become disciples of Jesus
  • Pray against any hindrances that might prevent others joining this gathering and learning more about Christ.

Conversations in a Park
On Sunday evenings I join a friend for evangelism in the park. Recently, I met a couple named Pa and La-iad and I quickly realized that I had taught the wife how to tell Bible stories at a local church. I kiddingly commented on Pa’s Heineken shirt, which prompted her to say, “Oh, actually, Pa just trusted Christ today after I had prayed for him for 30 years!” Pa revealed that earlier in the week, they had a cat who was near death. At La-iad’s prompting Pa prayed for the cat and it miraculously recovered! Somehow God used that incident to bring Pa to Christ. La-iad says the next step is for Pa to destroy the many idols he has collected over the years. (Larry Dinkins, Chiangmai Theological Seminary)
Please pray for: 

  • Pa to become firm in his new faith and to destroy his idols. 
  • God to answer the prayers of many Christians that their family members would finally decide to turn to Jesus after years of hearing about Him.
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