Thai Tempo May 2017

A young man…

01…living in a culturally and religiously different context from his home – Daniel. He can be a great encouragement to Christian students in Thailand who are faced with Buddhist surroundings.

How can they live a Christian live and yet be truly Thai, follow Jesus and still be living in a Buddhist society? There were 52 of them attending the TCS (Thai Christian Students) Highschool camp and learning from Daniel of long ago facing similar issues to their own. Beside praying for and encouraging each other, studying about the theme of “Change” there was much time for fun, relaxation and getting to know new friends.

Cherlyn Oh, Bangkok

Please Pray :

  • Thank God for the opportunity to get alongside Christian students helping them to see how they can live God honouring lives in the midst of a Buddhist society.
  • For the students to dig deep into God’s word – that it might change their lives from the inside out.
  • For Cherlyn Oh and Michelle Goh helping Christian students lead regular Bible study groups at different university campuses; pray for insight and the right words to encourage the students in their walk with God.
  • For the preparations for the TCS National Camp for university students from 10-17 June. The speaker will be teaching from the book of Micah, and the theme of the camp is “standing firm”. Pray that students will be challenged to stand firm for Christ in every aspect of their lives.


Job or church – that’s your decision

02Soon after Off committed his life to Jesus, he and his wife Katob got work, which is good but it’s seven days a week so they are too exhausted to come to church Sunday evenings.

We visited Katob, when she had a day off to catch up on housework and time with her little daughter who goes to day-care in the March-May school holidays. Katob explained, “When we asked for Sundays off to go to church, the boss said, “If you take Sunday off, don’t come back on Monday because you won’t have a job anymore.”

Kim&Mary Robertson, Don Cedi, Suphanburi Province


Please Pray :

  • For this family’s continued spiritual growth and for opportunities to have fellowship with Christians.
  • For Off and Katob to find other jobs where they could take Sunday off.
  • For Christians throughout the country who don’t have a day off for rest and fellowship with other Christians – that the Lord will still provide for their needs – another job, strength, spiritual growth and a trusting heart that the Lord will lead them through these difficulties.
  • For young Christians that they would not give up their new found faith when difficulties arise but would grow and get to know the Lord better .


Add-venture into life

03A little over a month ago we launched a new style of adventure camp – a three day kayak camp. We started small, but with a challenging goal – to paddle 23 kms and sleep on two different beaches (one on an island and one on the mainland) over the course of three days. The kids were challenged to step out in risky obedience to God.

Two weeks later, we had a really great Adventure Camp (7-10 April) with 35 campers, 11 team, 3 cooks and 9 kids of leaders. The theme was “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing” (quoting Helen Keller). We encouraged the kids to be willing to take risks and try new things in life rather than letting life pass them by. It was great to see a number of the campers overcome their fears and make personal breakthroughs. We received an encouraging letter from the mother of one of the campers saying that he came back from camp realising that he has a problem in relating to others, and that he wants to work at fixing this. She wrote, “I thank God that you are working with young men, building foundations in their lives.

Jeff&Belinda Callow, PaakPhanang, NakhonSriThammaraat Province

Please Pray :

  • For the young people who have attended the camps – that they can apply to their daily lives what they have learned in camp. May God lead them closer to Him and let them grow in life skills.
  • For God’s leading when we consider how to improve, continue the growth of these camps and take new opportunities to reach young Thai people.
  • For we consider future training of the team. As safety standards in Thailand rise, we will need to have higher levels of competency as instructors of rock climbing and kayaking. There will be considerable cost involved to get certification as instructors, especially as we’d like to get the Thai leaders involved in training too. Please pray for God to provide.
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