Thai Tempo March / April 2017

Seeking fellowship

One Sunday morning I was preaching when a familiar Thai young man walked in and sat in the back row. I almost stopped the sermon to greet him because I was overjoyed! Many years ago I taught Nat when he was still in high school.

1I saw him get baptized and take a stand for Jesus. But after graduation, Nat worked as a tutor in a company that has business on Saturdays and Sundays. The job that he enjoyed so much hindered him from regular worship. During our meal after the service, I asked Nat how he felt about all the years of absence from the house of God.

He said, “I was afraid that if I take leave on Sunday mornings, others in my company would take my position. Even though I drifted away from church, but God did not forsake me. He was still with me. I’m so thankful to have a new job now, and I’m committed to come back to church regularly.”

David Chang, Bangkok

Please Pray:

  • That Nat will follow-through on his commitment by the power of the Holy Spirit and live a faithful Christian lifepray for other.
  • For Christians who face the same problem that God would show them a way to stay in fellowship with other Christians.

For churches to be creative in reaching out and caring for people with busy or uncommon work schedules (like night shifts) – maybe having a church service or cell group at an uncommon time when people are available


New building for the Language and culture training in Lopburi

2After much work on the planning side, looking for a contractor and negotiations with the contractor, the actual building work started with a celebration and ground breaking ceremony on January 12 this year. Since then the piling (to a depth of 11m), pile caps, beams, columns and floors for Level 1 have been done. Very soon they will start on Level 2. There is a significant amount of coordination required at this next stage with the electrics and plumbing, so we are hoping for smooth communication between us all. The staircase will also be made soon. Peter is here until the middle of May when Ben returns to take over as project manager once again. By that stage Level 2 concrete frame will be up and the builders will be starting to construct the walls of the building. We hope to finish the center by the end of this year.

3During one of my recent language checks I chose to recite the story Jesus told about the wise man who built his house upon the rock (in Thai). This story seemed particularly relevant and poignant as the foundations of our building were under construction at the time. It’s amazing to have seen what is now hidden under ground – piles that descend 12m from the surface with beautifully cast pile caps (too good, it seemed, to be covered over with soil) and ground beams spanning between them. What a lot of time, effort and expense has gone into the foundations! It’s a reminder of the significance of foundations or roots and the time, effort and cost that these can have. However, these are necessary and it’s not until we have these that the work for which the foundations are laid can emerge.

Project team: Rebecca Penrose, Ben Kong, Peter McIvor, Daniel Training leader, Lopburi


Please Pray :

  • For good communication within the project team as well as with the contractor and workers on site.
  • For safety on the building site and good progress.
  • For wisdom to know the best way forward for the elements of the building that were to be bamboo (and might need to change to other material) and for the plants around the building.
  • For Finances – we are still in need of further funding to complete the building

Taste and See!

4The opportunity came out of the blue… Our local community was going to celebrate the “Khaochi- Festival”. For that reason they invited us to join in and produce a Swiss style Khaochi. Khaochi is made with sticky rice, which is the basic food for the Isaan people.The sticky rice is put around a stick, coated with egg and then grilled over charcoal. It’s very popular and young and old alike, just love it!

In God’s perfect timing, visitors from Switzerland, a cook with his wife stayed with us. With his professional skill and great enthusiasm he experimented and produced a Swiss Khaochi. The special feature was the sweet chocolate glaze!

4.1At the festival we were given one of the many booths and like all the others we handed our Khaochi to the people walking by.

The queue grew really big and we could barely keep up with the demand. Honored guests were the head of our district, as well as the governor of the whole province who too tried our new creation!

It was a unique occasion, being able to play a part in their cultural celebration, to make a contribution and to connect with them.

Rolf&Elfi Gerber, Sahatsakhan, Kalasin Province


Please Pray :

  • Praise God for this opportunity! We are well known as Christians in our little town. As they have tasted something new and yummy.
  • For they also will come andTaste and see that the LORD is good” (Psalm 34:8)
  • For Christians to seize all opportunities to be part of the communities they live in. May they be “salt and light” in a society without the knowledge of the Creator-God.


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