kroll“Why do I not see you or other Thai people worshipping these headless Buddhas?”

Bek explained that hundreds of years ago, the Burmese army had broken almost all of the Buddha statues in Ayutthaya, which was one of the ancient capitals of Thailand. Because of this, Bek said, most Thai people worship Buddha images which are in good repair, not broken ones.  This led to a great conversation about the nature of our God, who is all-powerful, unchanging, and certainly cannot be broken by human hands.

We were able to share the Gospel with Bek, comparing and contrasting the Christian truths and Buddhist teachings about sin, the inability of humans to “make merit” (which is what Thai Buddhism is all about), and most importantly, what Jesus has done for us on the cross.

Jesse and Kristen Kroll

Please pray for:

  • Bek’s salvation, that he will place his trust in Jesus. Our God allowed himself to be broken for us, but Jesus rose from the dead, and lives and reigns forever!
  • Many Thai and foreign tourists who visit the historical parks here to be struck by the futility of man-made monuments and religion.

“Why have you come here from Bangkok?”

robertson210 high school boys from Bangkok Christian College came to Don Chedi to pray, give out tracts and share the gospel in the town and at the weekly market with us. It was a lot of fun to be joined by these keen young Christians. Many tracts were given and the gospel shared with some people. The next day Mary and Noi (from Suphanburi Sampan church) visited four women who seemed interested and shared some more and gave them some reading material.

Kim and Mary Robertson, Suphanburi

Please pray for:

  • Jun-ram, Em-on, Jum and Bra-yong that they would respond to the Lord’s call. Also one other lady called Boo who we haven’t found again yet.
  • God’s encouragement and protection for those working in new church plants, particularly when spiritual attack intensifies.

“What do you believe?”

It was one of those opportunities that don’t come along very often but when they do it just makes your day. Most of the language learners and teachers had gone to learn about the important places in Lopburi. I stayed behind to get some work done. A Thai person appeared at the door and asked if she could interview someone. To begin with I thought it was going to be one of the typical English interviews that students sometimes call in to do with a foreigner.

But no, this was a sincere enquiry about Christianity for an assignment. Actually there were five students wanting to hear what Christians believe and I was able to share about Jesus in Thai. One young woman seemed very interested and keen to take a New Testament to read. I gave them quite a selection of stories and tracts to read and a DVD to watch. They are going to return the latter, so hopefully I will have a follow up opportunity.

Julia Birkett, Lopburi

Please pray for

  • The five students who came calling, that God will speak to them through His Word and that Julia will have another opening to talk with them.
  • Thai students across the country to make the most of every opportunity to learn beyond what the curriculum teaches and to meet Christians who are bold to share their faith.


Real love is…?

van der leeThe 14th of February is well known all over the world: Valentine’s Day. This year Valentine’s Day was on Sunday. As a church in Nong Rua we decided to host a special service and proclaim the gospel.

On the invitation was written: “Real love is….?” The church members invited their neighbours, family and friends to come and hear an answer to this question.

We interviewed a Christian couple about their marriage. They have been married for more than 30 years and have followed Jesus for about 10 years. They explained how they met and what helped them in difficult times. They both said it was God’s love that kept them together.

Another member of the church preached from I Corinthians 13 and shared how God’s love is different from worldly love. The love which God gives to us is willing to sacrifice, to forgive and is unchanging. Very often the love we humans give is broken and not perfect like God’s love which “always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

Dave and Grea van der Lee, Nong Rua

Please pray for

  • Believers at Nong Rua church to keep praying for those they invited to the Valentine’s Day service and keep talking about Jesus with them.
  • More members in the churches in North East Thailand to serve the body of Christ so that they all reach unity and full maturity.
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